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Auld Lang Bang! Goodbye 2013

mocking birdThis year is coming to an end… Goodbye 2013!

What did we see in 2013 that reminds us we have to many things to help remind us?

Glove and Boots: 2013 Year in Review

The year 2013 brought to our attention how many things Americans could disagree on.

How to curb violence – gun control debate

President Obama concernedHealth care for all – 1st year for Healthcare.gov ends in a mess (President Obama wins Pinocchio award)

Racial tensions – debate over George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin self-defense case. (Meanwhile George Zimmerman’s original artwork sold for bid of $100,099.99 on eBay)

MSNBC Panel mocks photo of Romney holding adopted black grandson (Of course MSNBC is a non-biased news agency)

Government shutdown – Shut down parks but they still collected taxes (darn-it)

stack of moneyMeanwhile the federal government continues to spend money like drunken (apologies to all sailors will follow.)

IRS harassment of undesirable conservative groups became a storm that quickly went away (no value in tarnishing the reputation of an organization now put in charge of compliance with government mandated health care)

Finally put to rest all of the rumors about President Barack Obama born outside the United States (at least The Donald shut up about it)

NSA Fort Meade MD headquarters

NSA headquarters in Fort Meade MD.

Edward Snowden describes how the NSA works to track our movements and our communication (a real shame it works so badly as pointed out in next line.)

Another terrorist act on U.S. soil when two bombs explode at the Boston Marathon

We heard the word from the Supremes (Supreme Court), ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. (Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the first member of the Supreme Court to officiate a same-sex wedding)

Meanwhile we heard a small flap over the Duck Dynasty patriarch give his opinion of homosexuality (A&E makes a stand and then recants for the New Year)droopy dog

Not to be outdone in the coming out department, John Bohener’s dog is announced to be gay (He’s not gay but is afraid of cats. OK, it’s a joke.)

Christopher Reeve SupermanOnce again we’re reminded no matter how much muscle you pack or how many special effects you can come up with, there’s no one going to be as good at playing Superman as Christopher Reeve. (I’m just saying…)

The Techno World of 2013

ACER & ASUS end notebook production

New wireless standard 802.11ad promising blazing speeds over short distances was ratified. Delivering 7Gbps speeds over 60GHz frequencies and should appear as soon as next year.

Dell went private in $24 billion deal.

Leap Motion product introduced (Do you recall seeing the gesturing at computer screens in Minority Report?)

projectQ motherboard promises to boot any OS in under 10 seconds (Gigabyte USA creates a MicroATX form factor motherboard as an exclusive OEM project)

10 Gbps USB specification finalized as USB 3.1 (improved speed up from 5 Gbps and up to 100 watts of power delivery through the cable)

1960's Star Trek with tablet computerNexus comes out with under $200 tablet (Tablet shipments to out-pace PCs by 2015)

Menwhile Lenovo saw huge increases in PC sales as competitor sales decline

HDMI 2.0 announced, permits 18 Gbps bandwidth for 60fps 4K video (gamers now in collective ecstasy)

Standards group wants one charger for all laptops (It’s about time!)

A research team out of the Netherlands produced a storage medium that can last a million years. (Standard magnetic disk drive storage lasts about a decade.)

A new particle discovery should permit 20 times denser hard drives.

RAM packs 1 TB of storage into a single chip (Memory prices still stable)

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 as a step towards regaining lost momentum in the OS market after less than stellar acceptance of 8.0

Solar Energy in 2013 wasn’t a big hit but the stock prices keep going up.

How about building a HackIntosh? Running OSX on non Apple PC’s.

Going Out of Business

A social media aggregator ✩ tech news

Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer Night at the Roxbury theme

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steve Ballmer is departing as the CEO of Microsoft.

This announcement shouldn’t come as a great shock to anyone in the tech industry. Steve Ballmer is one of the original members of the Microsoft team headed by Bill Gates.  Bill Gates handed over the chief executive title to Ballmer in 2000. There were times afterward where Gates sought to retain his power within the company.

The company hasn’t seen real growth since the departure of Mr. Gates and investors are not bashful in expressing their satisfaction at the announcement of Mr. Ballmer leaving within 12 months. During the time of his tenure, several major business opportunities were lost, including Expedia which started from within the company and was allowed to go out on its own. Apple computer took over the lead in market valuation during his tenure.

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Web Design and Hucksterism

I have a problem and perhaps it’s the elephant in the room many people in the web page design business aren’t openly discussing or I’m not aware they are actively discussing.

Of course there are different sides to the web development business which includes the developer, the client and those who seek technologists as either human resource personnel or job recruiters.

For example; XYZ is actively looking for a Web Developer with strong HTML5 and CSS3 programming skills and 2+ years of experience.

I realize in that limited description the sentence could mean several things but essentially to make my point, the request is for someone with specific experience using HTML5 and CSS3.

A brief explanation is in order to describe what HTML is and CSS. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is the programming language used to instruct a browser how things should be displayed on the screen. CSS, stands for Cascading Style Sheets, a language used as an overlay to enhance the screen presentation from a common set of instructions. Most developers use CSS to save a lot of time in presentation format without having to do it for each web page displayed. I know there’s a lot more that can be said about this but it’s sufficient as a background for this blog entry.

HTML5 and CSS3 are the latest tools (don’t blink there will be newer versions) for web page developers, but as of this writing, are still not fully defined and featured. It is to this purpose why I’m writing this little tech-no-rant.

Why is it that supposedly technically oriented people insist on wanting development in tools that are not yet completed? It further begs the question, why insist on the use of a specific tool when the work may me better completed using another tool? I have always looked at a specific job first as a project manager, then as a technical resource to determine how to complete the work. I’ve been programming, assembling & servicing hardware, network infrastructure and managing since the Viet Nam era. To some that makes me a dinosaur, to others it suggests that much experience is valuable and permits someone with flexibility in looking for solutions.

HTML5 is only supported by a few browsers. The language is expected to be fully written sometime in 2014, however some very useful features are available now.

CSS3 is the latest Style Sheet code. It is not fully supported by most browsers. Designers must use different codes for each browser, or utilize filters to block CSS.

Simply put, if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or the target audience uses an Android phone or Apple IPad, the use of these tools [HTML5 & CSS3] won’t display in a consistent way on these different devices.

So, why request the use of specific technology to solve a business problem when the problems multiply through the insistence of using that tool? Personally I like to select a tool after the problem or work is clearly defined, not the other way around. Of course there are solid reasons to use these tools so I invite you to read the related articles.