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Tired of Listening to the Same Music?

If you’re old as ____ you might remember when broadcast FM had interesting DJ’s and didn’t talk about politics or the price of weazle-donks in Cincinnati. Those stations played diverse music, which aren’t on the automated rotational, or worse yet, subscriber satellite radio stations.
I’m going to start with the idea there may be 1 or 2 people out there who like music creativity and sound art that defies pigeon-hole categorization. I will post a few Internet links to see if there’s anyone that has shared interests.
λ Keep in mind that listening once or twice to these stations for a few minutes isn’t necessarily going to net you an appreciation for what they play. These are stations who allow their hosts freedom to play what they want. Some of the music you hear may be as boring as wallpaper peeling, whereas others are avant-garde in every sense.
I’m listing their Internet page. From there you can identify their live stream and enter it into your Internet streaming source.


Getting Sound to Your Ears

The speed of sound varies depending on what it must pass through as it moves. This is what’s referred to as the “medium”. Example: air and water are two mediums with different density. Each medium will pass sound. While traveling through Earth’s atmosphere at sea level, and a constant air temperature of 59º Fahrenheit, sound travels at slightly over 761 miles per hour. At higher altitudes, the speed of sound is slower due to a decrease in air density. The speed of sound is also affected by temperature. Our atmosphere is made of a mix of gases whose molecules move more slowly at colder temperatures. This reduces the speed of a sound wave when it travels through colder atmosphere.

Sound travels most slowly in gases; it travels faster in liquids; and faster still in solids. Sound waves are of a different shape in solids than they are in liquids and gas.

The use of a horn essentially acts as a sound amplifier. The small opening expands rapidly, thereby coupling more air molecules as the medium. The above video explains and demonstrates how that works.

Those of us which have phonograph records, can see first hand how wave forms can be cut into a flat round sheet of vinyl. Those wave forms are picked up by a phonograph needle physically coupled to small moving magnets inside a coil of wire which converts this movement into a small electrical signal.




How to setup your surround sound – home theater bass & speaker management

The Wheels Are Coming Off

I don’t like partisan politics. Those who believe in their cause, Right or Left, are usually not the people who can be reasoned with or understand the necessity of looking beyond their own dark shadows. We have before us a circling of wagons over the nomination of a Supreme Court judge. Both sides of the aisle are out in full regalia, beating their chests in chorus, claiming the need for justice.

Supreme-court-building-smlI would normally not take notice of the appointment of a judge, even to the Supreme Court. I don’t have an opinion whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a good choice for a life long appointment to our highest court. In the end, I think we will never know, because of the recent accusations, primarily from someone who describes a sexual assault which was to have occurred 36 years ago.

This isn’t the first time powerful positioned men have done horrible things to women. That’s what makes this type of situation so compelling, it’s just that we seem to be missing the date, specific place, time and named witnesses, who deny or don’t recall the complaint made by Professor Christine Blassey Ford. She was 15, and Brett Kavanaugh was 17. The circumstances were there was a party, and a lot of underage drinking was involved. Now we have a second person coming forward, with an accusation that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her, when they were allegedly at another school party. She admits drinking to excess, falling down on the floor, but still recalls the incident. Unfortunately all of her witnesses, even a good friend, deny or don’t recall the incident.

What has me concerned, are all the people absolutely convinced he did some egregious act towards one or more women. The other side are equally sure it’s a false story, designed to derail a conservative judge appointment. We don’t know facts, we only have accusations. The political push-pull isn’t so much about guilt or innocence, rather it’s about the ability to get their man in, or block him from being chosen. There’s an air of desperation, because if the delays are long enough, the November elections may alter the majority party. Democrats are hoping they can regain the Senate and then they can chose who will be the next ‘Supreme’.

It seems there are two kinds of people in the world, those that struggle to know what’s true, and those that don’t let the facts get in the way of their personal view.  The problems with these accusations, are the distant history of it, as time goes on, memories, especially those from someone who was intoxicated during the incident, are apt to be altered or remembered incorrectly. It’s completely believable that Professor Ford, can’t recall the correct details. It’s just as possible her story is partially true, but she might have been hurt by someone else, or there were interactions between the boys and the girls which became more aggressive over time as alcohol was consumed.


What we have are two large groups of people, shouting at each other, using names and labels, finding any item, quote, or expression, in an open active campaign to discredit and take control of what other people may say or think. It pains me to see a growing discord in not only this country, but throughout the ‘free world’. Using any means possible to exert their “rightness” at the expense of liberty, freedom of speech, tolerance for others, and an equal right to protection under the law.

Additional Reading

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    It’s only fair if we declare it so! By DAVID KANEGIS 9/23/2018


    He may not be guilty but he’s white & Republican – that’s all we need to know!

    As Christine Blasey Ford bravely faces the indignity and insults of Donald Trump, the Republican all white, all male majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the prejudgment of foul Senators like Mitch McConnel, it’s time for everyone to protest and be heard.

    This is not just a woman thing. Guys we’re all up to bat. Perhaps we’ve done harmful things in the past, maybe without even realizing it. Whether we have or not, now is the time to atone and join with all our sisters to put a halt to the travesty of justice being perpetrated even as this article is being written.

    A charge has been made against Brett Kavanaugh, nominee for the highest court in the land. If confirmed he will be shaping laws for us, our kids and our grandkids. Perhaps he’s guilty, perhaps not.

    However, if we are to move forward as an evolved species then we must commit to act on our best impulses — not our worst!

    Do we want to let men like Mitch McConnel who blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for over a year push through a vote in less than a week?
    This for a man who will likely spend 30+ years helping an ultra-conservative court make decisions about race, gender, choice and the rights of all?

    If the names John G. Roberts Jr., Clarence Thomas, Samuel Anthony Alito and Neil Gorsuch give you cause for concern about the future then fight, fight, fight!

In an effort to protect those who have been victimized, shouldn’t we apply the principle of innocent until proven guilty? In our effort to be fair, don’t we act in fairness to all?

Contrary to many who equate democracy with freedom, the mere replacement of a Communist socialist government with a democratic socialist one, while an improvement, does not alone advance the cause of freedom very much.

Freedom and democracy are different. Democracy addresses how affairs in the public sector will be conducted. Democracy is greater when individuals vote on those matters assigned to the public sector. On the other hand, freedom is concerned with the relationships among people in the private sector. Freedom means individuals may choose how to interact on a voluntary basis outside the purview of the state.

In short, democracy means you get to vote in the public sector; freedom means you get to determine the terms of your interactions with others in the private sector.

 ~ Foundation for Economic Education – 1 August 1990


Feeling Compelled to Turn in Your Firearms?


If any who read this message feel obligated to turn in their semi-automatic rifle, or hand gun, and it’s legally owned, contact me. I can assure you I’ve never committed a crime nor used one for that purpose. I will pay you up to $1 for the donation. You will need to transfer ownership and ship through a FFL to my local FFL. Contact me before you take the necessary steps.

I’m a trained and qualified professional. I began my government certified training over 46 years ago. Thank you. See reference pictures below.


Marine Corps 1971

MCB Twentynine Palms

MCB Twentynine Palms