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The Veteran

Anyone who served or is currently serving in the military realizes they’re doing a job that most won’t do. It’s a 24/7, 365 day committment.

They come from diverse backgrounds. They are volunteers who do the things that allow everyone else the freedom to say and become what they want.

At the time of their induction, they have given an oath which says they’re willing to lay down their life if necessary to preserve yours.

How many people do you know that will protect you from every threat imaginable in order for you to keep living the life you choose?

They don’t make policy. They’re often used to carry out policy which can be good or bad. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be informed well enough to make good decisions at the ballot box, and to select people who choose wisely how the military is used.

Freedom is full circle choice. To act as if it’s someone else’s job, is to think in ignorance. We all preserve it by learning to be responsible for our own actions. The military is a reflection of our own lives carried out on a massive scale.

If you or I are only interested in ourselves, our wants, to the exclusion of all others,  this will become the work, the policy of our nation. The military will act on that policy and our relationship with the rest of the world community will have the same impact abroad as we have at home.

If you want peace in the world, find a way to live it locally so it will be that way globally.



A Personal Reminder

According to contemporary logic, hypocrisy is a cardinal sin. A lot of things can be tolerated or overlooked as long as they fit into the narrative we’ve constructed about rightness or virtue.Christine_Blasey_Ford_testifies

Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself
Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself
~ Eric Clapton – Before You Accuse Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings, last minute sex allegations, and the subsequent political crap fest, has left me with several questions about the state of our union.

If ever there was an identifiable moment of political selfishness demonstrated, it’s been these last two weeks. The hearings on Brett Kavanaugh – circus came to town, led by Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the Judiciary Committee’s ranking member, who kept the allegations against Kavanaugh private for weeks..

This was another appointment not unlike many others, until the Democrats led by Feinstein, thought they had their big ‘gotcha moment’. Soon this gotcha turned out to be a brown squeeze sandwich with extra mayo. The credibility gap increased as we learned of Feinstein’s extended hearing delay tactics were a higher priority than seeking justice.

We watched in sympathy, as Dr. Christine Ford revealed what happened to her 36 years ago as a teenager. She explained Brett Kavanaugh was once a very naughty boy while they were teens and she had witnesses to the event. Then we began to learn, there were holes large enough in her testimony to drive a greyhound bus through.

Rather than preserve the original confidentiality request by Dr. Ford, the delays created a vacuum in justice greater than a Dyson. An “anonymous source” revealed her name and then her dignity, Kavanaugh’s reputation, were all laid bare. The circus created a glory hole of journalistic spasms, with the talking heads unable to find enough air time in the 24/7 news cycle.

In the face of deliberate public confusion for their selfish agenda, I think the political machinations and pot stirrings have exceeded even our normal disrespectful boundaries. It spilled over into some of the worst commentaries on where we have positioned ourselves, in full public display of our convictions.

I’ve also gained insight into people that I’ve known for many years. Their comments were revealing. They weren’t concerned if the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh were provable, they had “concerns” over his potential nomination, which might alter the Supreme Courts rulings on any possible abortion law review. No matter how remote the overturn of Roe v. Wade might seem, this was their Alamo. It was worth ruining this man’s life in the greater cause of feminism, etc.

Other people were even more vile. Kavanaugh was a white man with privilege. He shouldn’t be given any opportunity to be nominated. We’ve been working for over 60 years in this nation, to overcome race & gender discrimination, only to have the whole societal apple cart tipped over for the convenience of this distorted morality.

What ever happens concerning his nomination, I just hope there are enough people that will go to the polls this November and reject those whose views reflect this uncivil behavior.


 ■ Absence of evidence doesn’t guarantee innocence, neither does it indicate guilt ■


Myths Mad Men & Immortality

Humans have contemplated their reason for existence for eons. The rise of human collective knowledge wasn’t necessarily based on objective studies or provable criteria. Many people pondered things unknown, and believing those things were in the realm of intelligence beyond their own, fabricated deities associated with those areas of immense power, or an age in the distant unknown past, or unforeseen future. Egyptian gods

Our significance, our self importance was now defined by our ability to understand the mind & will of  ‘diety’. We were given explanations for things we don’t and can’t know, by people claiming greater knowledge and insight than ourselves. We attached our beliefs to their explanations and convinced ourselves, by their routine communication, that we could understand our life’s journey and tying it to the eternities.

This was of extreme importance as we developed attachments to people and animals, which at their demise, we were left with grief. Our losses could become temporary, as was all of our lives.

By special social & codified procedures and behaviors, we could rejoin all those we love. Conversely, all who we knew, who were unruly, unmanageable, or vile could be cast into eternal torment. This seemed perfectly reasonable to pre-bronze age cultures. Should those same ancient beliefs be particularly important today?

Harvey_Pooka_image_aThe fictional character in the play & movie, HarveyElwood P. Dowd: “Well, I’ve wrestled with reality for thirty five years, Doctor, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over it.

Among the greatest of unknowns, what happens after we die? Mystics, Shamans, Clairvoyants, and Prophets arose among them, to explain the gaps in our knowledge. Eventually, those oral stories found written form, and once structured to a language that could be passed to future generations, these words became codified.

Knowing the will of god is an interesting exercise.

It goes something like this…

You read from a collection of very old texts, connected together by a common theme, a god and various interaction with humans.

You read an interpretation of what was once an oral story, which later was written down and passed through several translations. The interpretations of these writings are frequently contested by another group or individual who claim, they understand what was anciently written, better than someone else.

Many of these written words contain stories when looked at with reasonable precision either contradict, or explain ideas that make little sense to contemporary culture, and in some instances, are foolish. Not all are wrong ideas, so there’s often ‘cherry picking’ going on for the least offensive or minimally ridiculous.

Then, the devout person prays to someone they can’t see, or hear, but insists this imaginary person is real, and answers prayers. On average, using the least scientific or objective criteria, the imaginary being is attributed credit for things when they turn out in the way the person praying, desired. Often, things don’t turn out in ways the individual had hoped for, but attributes that to the mysterious nature of god’s will. You know, the one in which they said they knew and were banking on to justify their reasons of belief.

It’s quite possible there’s another god figure. One in which things were set in motion and then left to themselves to manage or act upon by outside forces. Of course, you can’t have it both ways. Either you have a concerned, passionate, all powerful, all knowing god, or you have a god that is capricious, uninvolved, letting people do what they want, permitting disease, pestilence, natural disasters, horrible depravity by other humans, unintended consequences, random outcomes in spite of human desire, and allowing the rules of physics to do their normal stuff. Orthodox-Apocalypse-Fresco

Which is the god you know? The all caring, all knowing, all powerful, involved with humans and their myriad of wishes, or the uninvolved, laissez-faire, super being from a distance unknown?

You pick, you decide, but either one makes little sense. No matter how hard a person searches or acts in “faithful” ways, unless they just ignore what’s truly occurring, pretend that outcomes of life activities are measured and directed under a super being, and ignore accumulated science and understanding of how things really work, it’s a fruitless exercise.

My conclusion is, unless I wish to surrender my values of reason, objective intelligence, and ignore contradiction, then I may recognize value in established myth.

I believe I live a more productive and happy life without tying myself to a confusing set of rituals, myths, and paganism.

If I’m wrong, and god is this loving and compassionate being, he, she, or it, has had many opportunities to achieve an equitable, understandable, reasonably clear method of helping me to realize they exist. It needs to be more than a feeling. People have routinely acted on their feelings, not only were they often wrong, in some instances their ‘inspired feelings’, were harmful to themselves or other people.