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Drifting Anchors in Political Agendas

As of this moment, we have a federal government shutdown. The consequences of this are more opportunities to cast aspersions on President Trump, and to discuss the main reason for this shutdown.

In case anyone has been put to sleep over the reasons for this shutdown, it’s these basic ideas. President Trump wants it, therefore the Democrats don’t. If they stop his ideas on immigration, they believe this will gain them more political juice to win the next round of elections in 2020. uncontrolled_immigration

Opinions from various sources argue anything they believe will win an argument. Some politicos claim a wall built on the border to Mexico is immoral, stand ins say, there shouldn’t be borders, while others insist we need a wall to keep out people from coming in without authorization and without our knowledge.

No matter your opinion on the need or the possibility of improved national security, there are those who care nothing more than to see President Trump fail. Regardless of national or individual consequences, there are people who not only want to Trump to fail, they would like to see him in prison. It’s gotten to that level of hatred.


Nineteen years ago two fishermen plucked an exhausted, frightened five-year-old tied to an inner tube out of the waters off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale.

President William Clinton with the aid of Janet Reno, blocked the immigration and asylum of this 5-year-old Cuban child.

April 22, 2000 — In a pre-dawn raid, armed U.S. federal agents seize Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives. Elian is reunited with his father a few hours later. But it will take two months before Elian and his father would go back to Cuba–two months of court procedures and demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in Miami.

June 1, 2000 — A federal appeals court upholds the U.S. government’s authority to deny Elian a political asylum hearing.

Prior to and at the beginning of the 2000’s top liberal Democrats espoused hawkish immigration policies. The decline of membership in industrial unions, long an electoral bulwark for Democrats, weakened the party’s dependence on working-class whites. The Democrats have learned their strengths at the ballot box lay in courting groups of identity politics, social justice cause people. They’ve assumed that they already “own” the minority vote.

After meeting with President Trump to try to resolve the details of the final spending bill of the 115th Congress, soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of California stated, “Democrats will stand fast against the immoral, ineffective border wall.”

Likewise, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York threatened to shut down the government if funding for a border wall is part of the legislative package.


us_border_homeland_security_patchIn 2006, 80 U.S. Senators, including Senator Schumer, along with Senators Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bill Nelson, Debbie Stabenow, and several others supported a bill that authorized 700 miles of fencing on our southern border, called the Secure Fence Act. They also voted to support a barrier in 2013. All 52 Democrats, plus Senators Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Angus King, I-Maine, voted in favor of the 2013 bill, which died in the House.

In 2013 Senator Schumer helped create a bill that was part of a bill that had $8 billion earmarked for a wall, with an additional $42 billion for securing the border in other ways.

Hillary Clinton, who was critical of President Trump’s plan during the 2016 presidential campaign, also supported fencing along the border and bragged as recently as November 2015 about her previous votes as senator on the issue.

At a campaign event in New Hampshire, a woman asked Clinton about securing the border from illegal immigrants, Clinton said: “Well, look I voted numerous times when I was a Senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in and I do think you have to control your borders.”

Democrat Dianne Feinstein’s 1994 campaign aired a television ad, with shadowy figures, accusing Republican rival Michael Huffington of being soft on illegal immigration.

“While Congressman Huffington voted against new border guards, Dianne Feinstein led the fight to stop illegal immigration,” th e ad declared. In her own voice, Feinstein boasted of seeking more border guards, lighting and fencing. Today, Senator Feinstein is a very vocal critic of California’s chorus of complaints about President Donald Trump’s border security agenda and crackdown on illegal aliens.

President Bill Clinton took steps in the mid-1990’s with Feinstein’s support, to increase border security in California. They were effective, making crossing into California so difficult that the flow shifted eastward into Arizona.


Democrats now argue, sanctuary city policies make communities safer by allowing local law enforcement to focus on community policing with cooperation from undocumented residents. Democratic leaders say they won’t support any bill that includes a dime of funding for Trump’s wall. Notice how the shift toward border security is identified with President Trump. The Democrats hope preventing funding will solidify their base, and their base is expanding.

The League of Women Voters, a group whose mission is to “Empower Voters” has challenged proof of citizenship on federal mail voter registration forms in Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia.

Despite support for the measure, a federal appeals court has blocked the requirement, allowing people to vote without providing proof of citizenship.

The League of Women Voters argues that “this action has illegally kept voters from the polls, caused confusion, and threatened the lawful voter registration efforts of the League and other groups.”

In July of 2018, the Department of Elections issued voter registration forms to illegal aliens to vote for members of the San Francisco Board of Education in the 2018 election.

California has implemented a law providing for the automatic voter registration of motorists who obtain or renew driver’s licenses. Some 605,000 undocumented immigrants who live in California were granted driver’s licenses in 2015, the first year they have been able to enjoy that benefit, officials said.

The law known as AB60 took effect on January 2, 2015. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) expects a total of about 1.4 million people will get their license under the law by late 2017. While it’s true that undocumented residents living in California can obtain driver’s licenses, the state has not passed any laws that also provide them the right to vote. The New Motor Voter Act was passed in an effort to improve voter turnout, and while this law does automatically register citizens to vote when they obtain or renew their driver’s licenses, that action only applies to citizens who have already attested and/or documented an eligibility to vote.

The bottom line, incremental alterations to federal laws have already begun in heavily populated Democrat controlled cities. These changes have included sanctuary cities, voting rights afforded to previously banned residents, and laws against the rights outlined in the Constitution for ordinary citizens to protect themselves. It’s not sufficient to oppose another political party, there’s an all out effort to dominate politics through the ballot box, legislative, and judicial decree. Meanwhile the average citizen will be left less secure, and eventually powerless to defend themselves or their property.



Reality TV & Climate Change Aren’t the Problem

The United States of America is about to face it’s greatest enemy, itself.
The ‘call to arms‘ over climate change, the integrity of our national elections, the massive influx of uncontrolled illegal immigration, tariffs and possible trade wars, or inappropriate remarks by President Trump, are all going to seem small, if we do nothing to alter our government spending. The rapidly exploding U.S. national debt is approaching critical threshold.

The USA national debt is about to move past $22 Trillion. This is a problem that could be averted, but we demand more with about the same revenue coming in. No magical tax cut is going to correct this problem. No political party, in spite of the many speeches, is willing to bite the bullet and anger the various interest groups that would scream if their budget is cut. Besides, how are they going to get elected or re-elected if they can’t promise a benefit supplied courtesy of the national trough?

We need to make some serious choices. It’s like watching the scene from the Austin Powers movie. We see the person is going to be run over by a slow moving steamroller. Easily avoidable at first, but a complete disaster at the moment of crisis.

That steamroller is going to be replaced by a jet, soon.

The U.S. Treasury reports, the debt of the federal government is currently sitting at $21,854,296,172,540.94. When Barack Obama became President in January 2008, the debt was at $10.6 Trillion. Congress has added $11.2 Trillion to that debt. On average, we have burdened ourselves with more than $1 Trillion per year since 2008.

Instead of getting our insatiable appetite for debt under control, Congress is actually accelerating our spending. At this point, there appears to be no outcome in which this story ends well.

Even the leaders of global financial fiefdoms are saying we’re headed for a huge financial meltdown. As bad as Chernobyl or Fukushima was, this financial crisis will be a bigger disaster with more lives affected than both of those incidents combined.

All of the stock and financial portfolio gains achieved over the past 10 years or so, won’t matter to those who can least afford the catastrophic results of our over-leveraged, false economy.

Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez_public_congressional_win_imageAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the new young congressional representative from New York, insists we need national health care and free college tuition. How do we make that happen with our ever increasing debt? No problem, according to her, we just do it.

She’s not unique when it comes to finding a cause or a want and turning it into a mandate. There’s not much hope for those who believe you can continue to demand more from those who already pay into the system. The things we think we need continues to grow.

In 2001, the future of the American economy looked “Rosy”. What happened?
NPR May 3, 2011 Report

Of course there has to be the Federal Reserve and financial elite’s response to what happens to their pile after the debt is greatly reduced or eliminated.
Life after eliminating the debt.

How to Fix the United States’ Debt Problems & Reduce Federal Deficits

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What Kind Of Leader Do We Want?

President George H.W. BushToday’s news lead was of the death of  George H.W. Bush.

For many voters, he’s a distant memory. Many who voted in 2016 may have been too young to know about his leadership, which was under significant international challenge. In office from January 20, 1989 to January 20, 1993, he faced several international challenges & domestic change. From the end of the Soviet Union, the reunification of East-West Germany, Panama Canal zone invasion, Gulf War –  Operation Desert Shield followed by Operation Desert Storm. At the end of his administration, Somali became a failed state. The results of which spilled over into the Clinton presidency.

Domestic problems swamped his Presidential approval ratings during the Savings & Loan collapse. That’s a part of banking which was orchestrated by the S&L Industry in concert with their bought and paid for Congressional support. Difficult as that’s to imagine, we have a constant manipulation by the banking industry, always posturing to make more, and get away with more.

There were many people who criticized George HW Bush for his coordination and invasion of Saudi Arabia to push back the Iraq invasion of Kuwait. What he did first was put together a significant coalition of international forces from 35 nations led by the United States. When you examine today’s international relations, that’s a credit to his many years of public service, including the CIA. 

Traveling abroad, I also came to appreciate the reputation Bush had built over many years. Heads of government, even if they didn’t know the president personally, knew they were dealing with a serious man with serious purposes. Whatever their angles or agendas, they never doubted the intentions or the word of the American president. The swift end of the Gulf War, the peaceful conclusion of the Cold War, the reunification of Germany, the liberation of Panama and other big events of that era—none followed a predetermined course. What mattered most was a decisive American leader, a man of calm and measured judgment, working steadily—usually quietly—to keep events on track.” ~ Vice President Dan Quayle


  • From his days of serving honorably as a Navy pilot during World War II
  • 1967-1971 Texas Congressman
  • 1971-1973 RNC chair
  • 1973-1974 Head of U.S. Liaison Office to the People’s Republic of China
  • 1974-1975 CIA director
  • 1976-1977 RNC Chair
  • 1981-89 Vice president

Bush served as the U.S. envoy to China, as the U.S. did not have full diplomatic relations with China at the time. During his time in China, Bush and his wife, Barbara, would bicycle around Beijing to learn “ordinary Chinese,” the Washington Post reported.

George Bush was more of a pragmatic problem solver than partisan Trump-sitting-smiling-1politician. In Mark K. Undegrove’s book “The Last Republicans,” published in Nov. 2017, Bush revealed that he didn’t vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump; instead, he voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton. In the book, Bush also called President Trump a “blowhard.”

When you compare the type of person George H.W. Bush was to the politicians we are enduring now, it’s astounding.