Election 2016 – It’s Almost Over!


Election 2016 ends tonight!

After listening, watching and  for far too long, this election is almost over. I’ve voted since Richard Nixon was President, and in spite of not wanting him in office, these two charmers make his actions seem like the misdemeanors of choir boys.

Each major party candidate has supporters who claim apocalyptic results if the opposition wins. Maybe they’re both right? Either way, I’m worn out from all the rancor.

The latest ads from Hillary Clinton, says she’s the only one that can unite us, but what has led us to this point, suggests the opposite is true.

Where we go from here is anyone’s guess, but this much is true, this election will have impact for more than one generation. The reason for that is relatively simple. The Supreme Court lost Anthony Scalia. He was the person who could swing the now equally ideological 4 & 4 group toward a more conservative decision. The next President will choose someone to fill that role and most likely at least 1 other judge will retire. You can well imagine what might occur with decisions that solidify laws concerning abortion funding, both private and government supported, 1st amendment rights pertaining to government limits on what can be said in public, 2nd amendment, personal use and ownership of firearms, firearms manufacturers, 4th amendment, unreasonable searches and seizures, immigration laws, and the right to personal privacy as our nation continues to deploy more comprehensive surveillance technology.

These two candidates are the only ones who can win this Presidential election. Voting for a third-party may indicate your disgust of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, however only the Democrat or the Republican can achieve the necessary threshold of electoral votes to win. Depending if this election is close or a landslide will also likely decide what some of the public will do if their choice in a candidate loses. A close election might trigger demonstrations and violent action, based on some of the most recent campaign events.

clinton_wins_by_a_noseIf I were to pick which one will win, I think any Democrat hopeful, has the most direct path. The major population areas of the country tend to lean Democrat.

Hillary Clinton has told so many lies the electorate is conditioned, and accept it’s her way of advancing through the ranks. She’s been under more investigations than most mafia Don’s. Still her supporters want her to win, most often stating it would set a precedent because she would be the 1st female President.

Trump has made some serious mistakes in public, calling out a Gold Star father & mother, suggesting John McCain wasn’t a hero because he was captured, shaming beauty contest candidates, because he owns the pageant, saying the military might act as a hit squad against families of known terrorists, and making statements that can easily be considered misogynistic or racist. His supporters stood by him, despite these public gaffes.

donald_trump_bats_screws_looseClinton & Trump’s followers stood by them in spite of it allWhy? The answer is, we are a country of polar opposites. It’s now appropriate to talk about compromise in terms of the other side concede or else. You’re either for us, or against us, says one side or the other. Those of us who try not to live in such a binary world are marginalized, while the most radical groups take over.

Best wishes to all. I’m going to bed early. I’ll wake and see who won. After all, the Chicago Cubs won this year, perhaps another miracle is in store.