Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

I read this article today about former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. I felt sick.

Headline reads:

Former House Speaker Sentenced To More Than a Year In Prison

After reading the details of this, I recall other news about adult authority figures sexually abusing youth. Dennis Hastert is one of many sordid stories.

Here are just a few examples:

Sexual abuse is a horrible crime whenever it occurs. Other acts perpetrated by people such as, murder, rape, sexual molestation, human kidnapping / trafficking & imprisonment, are hideous crimes. There is little that can be done after the fact to truly right the wrong that has been committed.

Some people want to suggest this is old news or shouldn’t be brought up in conversation. I find fewer topics more worthy of showing the spotlight on and watch the rats scurry about. It’s a problem that people often refuse to acknowledge among their relationships, organizations, or religious affiliation.

I don’t have the credentials or special insight on this deeply troubling topic, but I have found a few resources which you may review or turn to for further information.

Let’s start with awareness – Online information:


US study by CDC/Kaiser Permanente – Adverse Childhood Experiences

Category Prevalence (%)
Physical Abuse 28.3
Sexual Abuse 20.7
Emotional Abuse 10.6
Physical Neglect 9.9
Emotional Neglect 14.8


black_widow_spider_australiaAfter reading these stories and some of the information which I referenced, I discovered a story from Australia.

Perhaps this ‘accident’ could be incorporated as a form of punishment? Then again, there’s worse things, think about the victims and their lives.

Redback Spider Bites Man’s Penis in Australia.