Mr. Speaker

I read this post by a friend on Facebook. I found it written so well, straight from the heart. I asked for his permission to post in on my blog. I believe it conveys the thoughts and sentiments many of us have.

A Letter to the Speaker of the House
by Jeff Schullo

“Mr. Speaker,

I am responding to your message regarding the Internal Revenue Service.

You call for change in the way the IRS conducts goes about its duties. I don’t disagree. But when does the House start to take the same medicine and change the way it does business? Where is the end of “business as usual” for the chamber you preside over? Can’t you, for a while at least, stop pointing fingers and actually attend to the needs of constituents? You can teach the opposition the same thing while you are at it. NO ONE has clean hands in your chamber.

When does it become time for the House to put aside partisan power politics and the interests of those lobbying against Wall Street regulation and in favor of corporate welfare to attend to the needs of common citizens of this country?

We have serious, ongoing needs in this country such as: Making sure our infrastructure is brought up to necessary safety guidelines; seeing that all that desire it, have reasonable access to quality education; funding research toward solving the scourge of deadly and debilitating diseases and epidemics; begin controlling medical costs by holding insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and for-profit health organizations accountable.

We do we start disengaging from international disputes that are not in our national self-interest? When do we start to require that the rest of the world start policing themselves? When do we start to control the Defense budget so that contractors stop making obscene profits from sending our best and brightest to die on battlefields that bring no tangible return to our county?

Why can’t you and your chamber make sure Social Security is solvent for all the citizens THAT PAID INTO THE TRUST FUND (while exempting members of Congress from contributing) instead of pillaging its coffers to pay for things like Wall Street “too big to fail” bailouts that turn into huge bonuses for the very people that brought the economy down and injured so many innocent, hard working people that then HAVE TO DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT TO SURVIVE.

Isn’t it time to stop vilifying those people that need assistance and make sure that corporate entities that move operations and money offshore to PREVENT PAYING THE TAXES THE REST OF US HAVE TO SHOULDER are brought to account?

Isn’t time to stop siphoning tax dollars the middle and lower class pay in order to shuffle them to those overseas that, in return, have nothing good to say for or about us and, in fact, do nothing but tear us down?

When does any of this start to happen?

You are third in line to the Presidency. When do you start acting like a statesman and do what is “right” instead of what keeps you in power and makes indentured servants of all members of your chamber to vested interests?

Mr. Speaker, we are all waiting for your answers. Not the canned political, sound bite, finger pointing ones; but the honest truth. Are you too busy answering lobbyist phone calls and attending meetings with major campaign contributors to take the time?”