The Devolution of American Politics

I vacillate between disgust, laughter, and moments of, you are all a bunch of juveniles. I’m talking about the Presidential runoffs, otherwise known as primaries.

I don’t recall a time in politics (at least the last 50 years), where the debates and the commentary have become so facile.

Mitt Romney’s recent comments on Trump along with other key members of the Republican party, have assailed Trump whenever they have the media spotlight. And of course the media enjoy this thrashing. So too, will the Democrats, as they hope Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination. Half their campaign against the Republicans will have been done for them. As a matter of fact, all they have to do is edit and splice together the various comments made about him for their own ad campaign.

Demonstrating the continued downward spiral of the exchange between Republican candidates, here’s some of the latest ridiculous moments? 

This is the level of discourse politics has devolved? I don’t understand how we’ve gotten this far down the path with such immature candidates? The Democrats appear to be Ivy league in comparison to this nonsense. At least they’re focusing on the issues and not the quality of someone’s spray tan.

So, who is voting for Donald Trump? So far, it appears to be quite a cross section of people. Polling numbers suggest the Republicans are voting in numbers far in excess of the Democrats. I’m not endorsing Republicans or Democrats, I’m simply pointing to what is reported.

BBC Taxi with Trump & Sanders Supporters

Dr. Phil comments on Donald Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham talks about Trump

In spite of the constant poking fun or hurled insults at Trump, here are his defined positions found on his web site. [CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ->] Donald Trump Public Position Statement

  • Completely repeal Obamacare. Our elected representatives must eliminate the individual mandate. No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to.
  • Modify existing law that inhibits the sale of health insurance across state lines. As long as the plan purchased complies with state requirements, any vendor ought to be able to offer insurance in any state. By allowing full competition in this market, insurance costs will go down and consumer satisfaction will go up.
  • Allow individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments from their tax returns under the current tax system. Businesses are allowed to take these deductions so why wouldn’t Congress allow individuals the same exemptions? As we allow the free market to provide insurance coverage opportunities to companies and individuals, we must also make sure that no one slips through the cracks simply because they cannot afford insurance. We must review basic options for Medicaid and work with states to ensure that those who want healthcare coverage can have it.
  • Allow individuals to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Contributions into HSAs should be tax-free and should be allowed to accumulate. These accounts would become part of the estate of the individual and could be passed on to heirs without fear of any death penalty. These plans should be particularly attractive to young people who are healthy and can afford high-deductible insurance plans. These funds can be used by any member of a family without penalty. The flexibility and security provided by HSAs will be of great benefit to all who participate.
  • Require price transparency from all healthcare providers, especially doctors and healthcare organizations like clinics and hospitals. Individuals should be able to shop to find the best prices for procedures, exams or any other medical-related procedure.
  • Block-grant Medicaid to the states. Nearly every state already offers benefits beyond what is required in the current Medicaid structure. The state governments know their people best and can manage the administration of Medicaid far better without federal overhead. States will have the incentives to seek out and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse to preserve our precious resources.
  • Remove barriers to entry into free markets for drug providers that offer safe, reliable and cheaper products. Congress will need the courage to step away from the special interests and do what is right for America. Though the pharmaceutical industry is in the private sector, drug companies provide a public service. Allowing consumers access to imported, safe and dependable drugs from overseas will bring more options to consumers.
  • Ensure veterans get the care they need wherever and whenever they need it.
  • Increase funding for job training and placement services.
  • Tax relief for middle class Americans: In order to achieve the American dream, let people keep more money in their pockets and increase after-tax wages.
  • Simplify the tax code to reduce the headaches Americans face in preparing their taxes and let everyone keep more of their money.
  • Grow the American economy by discouraging corporate inversions, adding a huge number of new jobs, and making America globally competitive again.
  • Not add to our debt and deficit, which are already too large.

All the corporate mergers over many years have spawned an idea.*
Since our current lineup looks so lackluster, I suggest we merge with Canada.

Canadian-Prime-Minister-Justin-TrudeauTheir President behaves like a leader. We could save money by setting aside our President & Vice-president. If people say the new President is unresponsive, it would be consistent with our regular complaints.

Our neighbor to the north has a good economy, a better international reputation than the US, and manages control of their national aggression. They have fewer murders per capita, and they don’t seem to desire to be involved in international conflicts. Perhaps we could learn something through our closer association.

* That last part of the post is meant to be humorous. Someone will take it literally and complain.