What Are We Thinking?


When laws, customs, or religion says men are allowed to degrade or harm women, while women must hide themselves as if they’re a shameful creature, then every justification someone uses to defend their beliefs doesn’t come from lofty principles of any supreme intelligence or creator. Those customs are created and enforced by men who are so insecure in their masculinity, they find it necessary to oppress women.

circus_strong_manLet me say it in another way. Lets assume you intermingle on a regular basis with men and women. Notice the big, strong men who are emotionally mature, don’t act act out aggressively or are confrontational. They don’t need to be, they have nothing to prove.

Not so, with many smaller or immature men. Those are the emotionally insecure who demand control and use fear as part of their authority.

There are people who find it necessary to prove they are the pack alpha. They group together and prey upon those they can control. Of course they identify with group think ideology and they want authority over the group. If you’re a man or woman and agree with this, then your mind has become captured and controlled through regimentation and repetition.

male_vs_female_cartoonIt’s tragically pathetic to insist genitalia defines superiority of one human over another. Furthermore, neither man or woman could continue without the creation and incubation of all human life inside a woman. Why then, would this creative, life supporting female be subservient to the male of the species? Only a heretic religious concept would choose to incorporate this thinking into their organization.

The individuals who believe in such fallacy are the universal pariah of any community. There’s no truthfulness in a philosophy, religion or text which seeks to justify this behavior, using word perversion to claim divine authority.

If that’s the kind of leadership a group has, using threats of harm, isolation, family disconnection, against any that try to be independent thinkers, or seek to do good outside of this group, then it’s not of God or Allah, its origins are of man, not the divine.