Are We Headed Toward Extinction?

Among the many anxiety laden news articles such as, climate change, terrorism, random violence, and power grabbing politicians, we have a new category of change, MGTOW. I recently ran across several articles and videos about this topic.

MGTOW, (<- click on the link to watch a video explaining this further) is an acronym for men going their own way. There’s ample explanation for this phenomenon. Modern society has changed significantly over the last 50 or more years.

Divorce has become as common place as it is for marriage. Men and women are equally concerned about the chances for marital success should they decide to commit. For men, divorce with children usually means primary custody goes to the woman. If the wife didn’t work during the marriage, the courts favor women, requiring men provide up to 60% of his net income in support of an ex with children. If there’s a home, the house will usually go to the woman. Of course there are various reasons this isn’t always the case, but this does weigh on a man’s mind.

There are other societal changes for men. Many young men choose to be effeminate so as to seem sensitive to a female. Many females have taken on masculine behavior traits to demonstrate they are the equal of men. There are many who subscribe to the idea, gender is merely a social construct.

For men who wish to chart their own course, yet attract a woman, they’re pressured into earning high income, possess good investments, have a well muscled shaved body, and have the ability to support her in a manner in which she wants to live.

If necessary, a woman may settle on a lesser achiever, while looking for a better Mr. Right. This is still a win for her, because a divorce from a man with assets gives her further financial independence. This works well for her next choice, because a man with wealth is more inclined to believe he’s safe from a “gold digger”, when she has money. This is often just part of her scheme to trade up.

Skeptics might suggest, you’re over generalizing and unfairly critical of women. Perhaps so, but as has been routinely stated, perception is reality.

Steve Harvey is a well known radio & TV personality, as well as an author. He’s written a book explaining the 5 questions every woman should ask a man before getting serious. These type of questions have value. A man should take into account not only his answers to those 1st three questions, he should also have a few questions of his own. More importantly, he should take his time to determine if her verbal response matches her life patterns.

The cultural influence of John B. Calhoun’s rodent experiments

I look at Gotham my friends and what do I see? Gangs roam the streets attacking at will. Stress related illness, crime, murder. Their society is collapsing around them just like the universe ..’ – Batman comics 1995.

Calhoun’s rodent experiments in the 1960’s spawned numerous books, movies and in some cases, government actions. China is the most overt example. They made it unlawful for couples to have more than 2 children. This led to several unintended consequences, parents killing or abandoning the first child if female, giving away excess children, and today’s looming problem, a much larger older population without enough youth to take over responsibilities.

The U.S. has created a unique and not broadly understood solution. They’ve allowed a huge wave of undocumented, “illegal”, foreign population into the country, mostly from countries where large families are common. Most people are unable or unwilling to see this occuring.

Will this new concern of men and women going their own way, bring on another potential societal collapse? Who knows? Right now, the latest buzz centers on “global warming”, man made CO2 emissions, and possible massive flooding of coastal regions. In my youth, the biggest concern was being bombed into oblivion by those “godless” Communists. Shortly afterwards, it was the “Population Bomb”, as we were going to birth our way into another man made catastrophe.

The anxiety never ends, does it?

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