I’m Looking For Originality

I have used a common swear word as so many others have, and I think I can do better. There needs to be some variation. Why not find another word? Wouldn’t it be just as effective? After all, its just a word. Lets see if I can come up with an alternative that’s just as useful.

I’m going to use the word, SNAP.

  • Get the snap out of here.
  • I’ve had enough of this snapping ____.
  • You’re snapping kidding me!
  • Do you snapping understand me?
  • Where the snap did you get that idea?
  • Lets quit snapping around here.
  • I’m done snapping around with you.
  • Don’t snap with me!
  • What the snap!?
  • Snap off!

You see, it can be said in many ways just as the commonly used F word. How about trying it? Then again you can be stuck in a rut and still snap around.

struggle to see in front of nose