Two Things at Once… Can I do That?

Mike-multi-image-profileWhy are you here?

I want to begin by saying, if you bother to read my blog or tweets, it’s probably only for one of a few reasons.

  1. Curiosity – what’s this man going on about?
  2. Friend – you know me and for some unexplainable reason, you’re my friend anyway.
  3. Challenge – there seems to be a thread of general interest here that causes you to pause and think, by golly this person might be on to something.
  4. Proof – You want to examine just enough of what I say so that you can prove that I escaped a village of fellow idiots,

Know this, I’m not a spokesperson for any company other than my tiny own, and I’m not, nor ever want to be famous. I will not proclaim with unerring authority or represent any group that claims they have special insight or set of absolute principles to live by to either think, become happy, or grow rich. I may suggest ideas or thoughts along this line of reasoning or quote others, but I will never claim I’m brilliant, superbly qualified, or hugely successful so that you should pattern your life a certain way.

So, if you continue to follow me, magical things won’t happen in your life, nor will you wake up with an overwhelming urge to choke a penguin. Read on if you care to laugh, smile or want to throw your shoes at the screen. Besides, that’s a lousy way to waste a good shoe.

I can’t believe this stuff!

Donald Trump smiling in front of flagReal estate mogul, self-made billionaire, reality show celebrity, author, owner of Miss USA & Miss Universe pageants; on June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States in the 2016 election, seeking the nomination of the Republican Party.

As of this writing, he’s the leading contender in a large field of Republican nominee hopefuls. People are taking this man seriously, and I shake my head in disbelief. Deep down, do you seriously believe this man would make a good President of the United States? Clearly, some people think so, and I’m not sure how much longer I can contain my laughter.

Ahhhh – forget it, I’m going to start laughing, right now! This man has as much chance of becoming the next President as snow balls in a very warm place.

George Will says it much better than me, so take a moment and follow this link and read what he says about Donald Trump in the Republican party.