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KLH model 20 plusI’ve been reading audio equipment and music reviews for years.

It’s noticeable how much the music / audio industry has changed, but now there’s an interest in vinyl. For the past few years, titles have been growing in availability. You walk into book stores, as well as some speciality retailers and you can see the shelf space has grown.

This is a tip of the iceberg, because there’s a large Internet sales component to this phenomenon. I have to wonder, what brought back this sudden resurgence?

For example, I read a publication; Sound & Vision. In it, you see any number of ads which feature mostly audio equipment priced in the upper atmosphere and higher. I read a description which is purely designed to impress you with techno-razz-ma-taz. “The DAC chip’s output comes in the form of a current… a proprietary, fully discrete, zero-feedback buffer stage to drive … blah-blah. compact speaker design 1 - Mike Livingston

C’mon, that couldn’t be the reason many people are becoming attracted to higher fidelity, than MP3? Yes, I’m enough of a techno-file to understand what is being said. I’ve designed and built a few non-commercial amplifiers and speakers. I understand the math as well as the circuits, but this still leaves me wondering, why? Nothing against technical descriptions, but I seriously doubt this gains a wide market appeal.

Kenwood amp & tunerI doubt we’ll see the boom in quality affordable audio equipment as it was in the heady days of the early 60’s through the early 80’s. There’s still some very good kit out there, however, the speciality stores have gone the way of an endangered species.

Meanwhile, maybe this vinyl craze will spur people on to find out how music should sound, assuming there’s a substantial investment in suitable reproduction.

LP Resurgence: The Reasons Behind Vinyl’s Unlikely Comeback.

Is the real reason for this growth in old audio source due to people finally tired of all that audio compression?

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