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Tax time… Again.

What is it about humans that make us so curious about other creatures? droopy dog

If I were a deer, would I care that there are creatures such as a platypus?
Do dogs care if there are zebras?

We want to know about bugs, birds, bears, tigers, fauna and flora. Why? Do we get some big reward for knowing this sort of thing?

When I was young I didn’t care about as many things as I do now, am I really a better person for wanting to know such diverse things?

Do bears in Alaska wonder or worry about what bears are doing in Germany?

Orangutans huddledOrangutans don’t seem to have much fashion sense. They take no concern about what the latest spring fashions might look like, but we do. Does this make us better for knowing?

It’s tax time and there’s a lot of concern and worry about filling out forms, paying money or getting some of it back. Giraffes don’t seem to be bothered by this April 15th deadline. What’s wrong with giraffes? They always seem to be sticking their neck out.

clock tower

Clock @ Wilsonville OR

Is it it important for me to work hard for most of the year so I can pay other people to take more of my money?

Maybe next time, I will be a giraffe.

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