The Continuous Case of George Zimmerman

The Department of Justice released its findings on the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin. They found no legal reason to pursue the case further. Of course it is a nightmare scenario for any parent to hear that they’re child has been shot and killed. The circumstances leading up to this were used to explain what many feel was a wrongful shooting.

From the beginning of the media coverage leading up to the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case, it has been almost completely one-sided. It has portrayed Trayvon Martin as an innocent victim of a neighborhood watch zealot who shot him in cold blood. George Zimmerman has not been able to find safety and peace ever since. He has been portrayed as someone out of control, and it’s no wonder considering the pressure he has been under ever since 2012.

Following Martin’s death, rallies, marches and protests were held across the nation. Hundreds of students at his high school held a walkout in support of Martin. An online petition calling for a full investigation and prosecution of Zimmerman acquired 2.2 million signatures. The media coverage surrounding Martin’s death was greater than that of the 2012 presidential race. More than 1,000 people attended the viewing of his remains the day preceeding his funeral.

I don’t care who you are… What color you are… If you force me to the ground and start beating me with your fists… Then I have every right to defend myself and clearly at that point…  My fists weren’t getting the job done… The firearm prevented the victim from being beat senseless or killed. Zimmerman was the victim, not the carefully crafted biased storyline of an innocent kid was shot on his way home from a convenience store by some racist thug carrying a gun.

If you believe an innocent person was shot for insufficient reason, make a martyr or a hero out of someone who circles back and beats a person into the ground, then your sense of social justice is skewed. No one has the right to beat someone unless they’re defending themselves, even if you suspect they’re following you. You don’t right social injustice, by creation of more social injustice in having jurors find in favor of someone because they’re black.

Attorney General of the U.S.

Attorney General of the U.S. Eric Holder

The law has to be enforced through neutrality and by jury trial, not a lynch mob. There have been many times where the law hasn’t been applied with equality, and those specific instances need to be addressed, not this one, not this time. The DOJ seems to think the same way and the head of that department is this man.