Your Time to Save & Invest – Money

Money - ResourcesDo you shop for things in a store or do you often buy on-line? There are different options to save money in either situation, and if you want to potentially save hundreds of dollars per month, then read on.


Here are a few easy steps to save money which almost any of us might use while shopping. This post can help you even if it only provides you with one or two ideas. You see, some of us have very limited resources, our income is often a challenge to meet our outgo. If you conscientiously try to save money you can create a lifestyle sufficient to your needs.

I found a useful tool using my smart phone. I downloaded a free application called RedLaser, sponsored by Target. Using this application is simple. The smart phone camera is used to read the UPC bar code in an item of interest. Once that bar code is read, a comparison of stores carrying this same item are displayed. I found this useful recently while at a Wal-Mart shopping for a new Blu-Ray player. I saved $30.00 in seconds using this program.

Many of the retail grocery chains also have coupon applications which allow you to create a shopping list before you leave your home. This saves you time, transportation costs and identifies where you can purchase the items you need.


There’s not  a universal game plan to invest or save money other than following a few basic and sound lifestyle choices to maximize your savings and return for investment. My best advise for anyone, is to realize what ever your current earning level, even if it’s quite robust, will most likely change. It’s always best to live on significantly less than you earn and retain savings for unforeseen future expense. I don’t have the expertise to help for every situation. I will be expanding on this topic later. I’m including a few helpful links at the end of this post.