Ready Fire . . Aim

If you have never been trained to protect yourself or other people with weapons, why should your opinion matter any more than someone with flight skills obtained using Microsoft Flight Simulator, advising a pilot how to fly a plane? Yet we often read or hear opinions on firearms from those with a lack of training and experience.

Cowboys & Cowgirls of the silver screen 1930-50's.

Cowboys & Cowgirls of the silver screen 1930-50’s.

Most of us have seen TV where the “good guy or gal” shoots a bullet through either an arm/shoulder or leg. This is often referred to as “just winging” them. Those old enough and who were exposed to the 1940’s & 50’s Saturday morning westerns, might recall seeing the protagonist shoot the revolver out of the hand of the antagonist. These were skilled cowboys, with grit, integrity and a glint in their eye, who could shoot the gun out of their hand, or throw a rope over the perpetrator while he tries to make his getaway at full gallop on his “trusty steed”.

It is laudable not to want to shoot someone, but it is laughable to only want to shoot him a little bit.” ~ Bill Jordan

When someone attacks, and you possess a firearm, your best chance to survive is to aim at center mass. it is very difficult to aim at a precise spot to wound and stop further aggression, while being charged, punched, wrestled, stabbed, or fired upon. Choosing to be trained and possess or carry a firearm is a personal decision which carries significant responsibility. Using it to prevent physical harm to yourself or others isn’t something anyone with experience takes lightly. There are very few satisfactory options when deadly force is required. We don’t live in a make-believe world where someone is stopped by a single magic bullet to the arm or leg.

A lot can be said after a violent altercation, hindsight is 20/20 but the best outcome is one in which no one is injured. Considering there are estimates of more than 300 million firearms in circulation within the U.S. and with the relatively low number of incidents, it’s amazing that more people aren’t harmed.

animated copIf you’re someone who believes the police are able to protect you and you don’t want to own a firearm, you’re perfectly well within your rights to not own one.  It’s better to have a gun and not need it than not have a gun and need it.

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You probably will never need to own or use a firearm for protection, very few people do. Statistically the need is low, but it’s also low for fire extinguishers and you would be wise to own and know how to use an extinguisher in case of a fire.

“I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.”