Reality 101 or Don’t Walk Like an Egyptian

Awakening to a new day and realizing that my little grand-daughter has “picture day”. She has acquired a new dress and her hair has been lovingly adorned with ringlets by her mom.

lightning-boltCrash – Boom – Bang! – Lightning has struck somewhere nearby and even though the blinds are down, the room is temporarily illuminated intensely in a flash. This weather doesn’t care today is picture day for the middle schoolers of our community. I decide to drive her to school despite the expectations of heavy traffic.

While driving, I made a conscious decision to not turn on the radio, despite the temptation. Soon I’m brought up to date on a movie I never hope to see, “Legally Blonde”. None the less. I’m enjoying her Cliffs Notes.

After dropping her off and having saved hair and dress from ruin, I switch on the radio. It’s my good fortune to find local public radio is playing – John Williams “Main Theme From Star Wars”. A moment of clarity strikes me. This film, “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”, was released just a few months ahead of my first-born, the father of my grand-daughter, who I had just dropped off at school. What a circle of life moment. Big thanks to the universe!

The station is playing music designed to garner donations this morning. Upon my arrival at home, I put on the ear-buds and continue listening with breakfast preparation. I grind and brew my coffee and with cup and bowl of flako-flakes in hand I walk down the hall to my room. Current music passing from my iPhone to my ears, “Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers “. Somewhat inspired by the music and my ever so clever balance of two things in one hand while turning the door knob with the other, the knob turns, the door opens, and down goes the cup and bowl. Somehow I manage to catch the hot cup of coffee upright into my hand. The bowl of tasty flakes with milk finds its way to the floor.

Welcome Michael! The universe has a sense of humor and has awakened you to your own limits in reality.

Yes, you might have guessed I borrowed the inspiration of the title to this post – ” The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian“.