Leadership Confusion

When Billy Joel sang about how the world has always churned in turmoil, he could have released this song last month and still be relevant.

Therefore it should come as no shock when we see people placed in high office in the cross hairs of human catastrophe, violence, controversy, secret pacts and natural disaster. What needs to be understood by those who decide to elect individuals for office, their choice will matter under some very unpredictable circumstances. The only predictability to these chaotic situations, they will occur. Accepting these conditions as routine, we need put into proper perspective, our expectations of anyone designated as our national leader.

clashes between protesters and police continue in Ferguson MoWhile I write this the controversial police shooting in Ferguson Missouri has that community in tatters. President Obama reacted to this situation by sending Attorney General Eric Holder. Meanwhile he held a press conference, standing behind the lectern, gave his speech and proceeded to the golf course.

When James Foley was beheaded last week, President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron were on separate vacations. After the public execution of Mr. Foley, Prime Minister Cameron came back from his vacation. President Obama cut short his golf outing and held a press conference complete with the necessary blue curtain background and lectern with Presidential seal. All the correct speech written words were used except no specific action plan was outlined. picture from ISIS video showing the execution of James FoleyAfterwards, President Obama returned to his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and a serious round of golf. In fact Maureen Dowd has written a post in the New York Times regarding the well seasoned golf President.

President Obama golfing at Martha's Vineyard


He truly is a President that knows how to compartmentalize problems. In fact, casually observing the President’s itinerary, one would hardly know that the United States military is conducting a war in Afghanistan, poised on joint operations to help President Assad in a final push to suppress rebellion in Syria, and deploying a second aircraft carrier into Pacific waters near China over a recent aerial confrontation in disputed neighboring waters.

I do recall President Bush receiving a lot of criticism for his fly over of New Orleans just after hurricane Katrina or the in-depth analysis and criticism while receiving the news on 9/11.

Meanwhile, any criticism of President Obama’s actions and policies are according to Eric Holder and several other supporters, merely based on racism. As U.S. debt continues to sky-rocket, military involvement around the globe, NSA global spy activities on International leaders, President Obama family trips to Europe, Indonesia, Hawaii, as well as more than 200 golf outings seem to suggest to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average struggling to pay the costs of ever-increasing cost of gas at the pump to get to work, assuming they can find work, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“.

It was apparent to most of us early on, President Obama truly possessed negotiation skills as attributed to him from his Nobel Peace prize. President Barack Obama invited to the White House both Henry Louis Gates Jr. & Sgt. James Crowley after he arrested the Harvard Professor, for a “beer summit.”

Gates joked: "We hit it off right from the very beginning.. when he's not arresting you, Sergeant Crowley is a really likable guy."

Gates joked: “We hit it off right from the very beginning.. when he’s not arresting you, Sergeant Crowley is a really likable guy.”

Now if he can just get the Ukrainians & Russians to come over and sip some Vodka together. Who knows, it’s a start!

It’s comforting to note that Secretary of State John Kerry understands priorities after announcing at a recent press conference, he believes “Global Warming” to be our most urgent priority. He announced 2 weeks ago  in a press conference while talking about Africa “.. shouldn’t build more farms because it would contribute to global warming”. After all starvation in Africa, it’s just about getting ahead of the game, according to him.