How Do You Decide About Religion & Spirituality?

spot lightHow can you determine if the religion or spiritual philosophy is fundamentally correct or just another defective human invention? It’s a difficult question asked amongst philosophers and religious authorities as well as individuals.
It may seem a naïve question by some, not worth pursuing by others or a fruitless waste of time.

After trying to answer these questions for myself, I’ve found the answers aren’t easily learned. These are some of the things which I’ve discovered over decades of reading, listening, and soul searching. Perhaps your values, priorities or beliefs won’t permit you giving this much thought or maybe you won’t continue to read past this point. For those of you that read and understand English, (I’m not sure how well this translates into other languages), I ask you to consider the following.  I understand these may not be part of your consideration.

It has been said by people wiser than I, God is within us.
This ‘within’ isn’t the exclusive domain of either male or female. Only a woman can bear the fullness of creation because she is endowed with the ability to bear children. Men are only a small contributor to that process. All of us, male and female come forth from woman, our mother. Both male and female can nurture.

Creation is a process that comes out of the elements of our planet.
Every living organism comes from this planet. Therefore all of us are formed from this planet we call earth, both male and female. The earth is our home and our mother. These are undeniable truths.

How can a man be superior to a woman when both are forged from the same elements? If a woman has the capacity to give birth to new life and a man can not, then how can a man be closer to creation than a woman?galaxy small

• God is a name we give our creator.
• A mother is our creator.
• Only a woman can be a mother.
• Who then is closer to creation and a creator?
— Man? or Woman?
»» The answer should be obvious.

Man at the most fundamental level should be a protector of a woman. He must recognize from the first day though, he would never exist without the birth and loving care provided by a good and healthy woman.

• Just as man honors his heavenly creator, so too should he honor his earthly creator.

• The role of a protector is to honor and serve that which he loves the most.

• If he loves himself more than he loves the creator then there is no spiritual nature to him.

• If his religious affiliation demands that he hold it (the organization and it’s leaders) in higher esteem than his wife, children, mother, father, sister or brother, then the religion is false.

• Any religion which treats women as less than men, unequivocally informs you it is wrong and must not be followed.

• Any religion describing by virtue of membership, you’re a superior person to those who aren’t members, is a club of exclusion. God is an advocate of inclusion, and invites all to be part of creation and renewal. A religion of exclusivity has to be false.

• Any religion preaching hate, superiority, envy, jealousy or discontent is an organization which is destructive and can’t be part of creative thought and love which are fundamental to God.