Work – Are You Looking in the Right Places?

According to MSN Money, these are the rankings of best and worst places for employment.

Here are all 50 U.S. states as ranked by their working conditions in the 2014 analysis: higher learning chalk board formulas

1. Washington
2. Texas
3. Minnesota
4. Colorado
5. Utah
6. North Dakota
7. Virginia
8. Nevada
9. Oklahoma
10. Nebraska
11. Illinois
12. Delaware
13. Georgia
14. Maryland
15. Iowa
16. Arizona
17. Wyoming
18. Massachusetts
19. Kansas
20. Indiana
21. Ohio
22. Montana
23. Tennessee
24. Wisconsin
25. North Carolina
26. South Dakota
27. Louisiana
28. Kentucky
29. California
30. New Hampshire
31. Vermont
32. Michigan
33. Florida
34. Idaho
35. Maine
36. Pennsylvania
37. West Virginia
38. Oregon
39. New Mexico
40. Missouri
41. South Carolina
42. New Jersey
43. Arkansas
44. Alabama
45. Alaska
46. Connecticut
47. Rhode Island
48. Mississippi
49. New York
50. Hawaii

college debt financial burden of tuition
The lifetime earnings differential between a college degree and a high school diploma is about $1.1 million. Of course that depends on the value of the degree.

Financial benefits of a college education are smaller than you’d think.

Since 1985, the overall consumer price index has risen 115% while the college education inflation rate has risen nearly 500%.

Even with the lower interest rates on student loans that President Barack Obama signed into law, students are eyeing bills that are growing on just about every line.

President Barack Obama, surrounded by college students at a White House event, signed an executive order on June 9, 2014 一 making it easier for up to 5 million people to pay off college tuition debt. This executive order only covers loans made after 2007.

The Senate on June 11, 2014 一 voted not to move forward on a bill from Sen. Elizabeth Warren that would have allowed an estimated 25 million people with older student loans to refinance that debt at current, lower interest rates.

Success comes to he who waits, so long as he who waits works mightily while he waits.