A Check Up From the Neck Up

US flag WhitehouseThose of us who work and or live in the U.S. recognize there are many wonderful qualities about its people and its founding principles. What has happened over the past 230+ years hasn’t always been encouraging.

At some point we need to take a good hard look at ourselves and ask, how did we get here? We need to be responsible for raising our own children and not blame others when they do wrong.

Increasing violence in schools prompting wearing of firearms by staff

violence in schools prompt wearing of firearms by staff

When schools have a zero tolerance for things like small pocket knives or finger nail clippers or toy plastic guns, then you know something is wrong.

When schools have metal detectors, limits on how far windows may be opened, police cars outside the school, then you know something is wrong.

When children are knifed or shot in the classroom or hallways by other children, then you know something is wrong.

When school administrators and teachers think it’s necessary to carry firearms while in school, then you know something is wrong.

Our minimal self-control and discipline have reduced us to a nation fulfilling our lives through impulsive gratification and emotional outburst. We’ve collectively chosen to ignore time-tested societal values and replaced them with what currently feels good. It would confuse anyone that came from outside this culture. I’ve lived here all of my life and I’m bewildered by what I see and read.

As examined at a TEDx conference.
The narrators of our culture call it disruption.

And the word “disruption” has come to describe the dismantling and sometimes the destruction of longstanding structures in the wake of technological innovation and the resulting sociological change.”

We’ve seen vast improvements in technology but our behavior and morality seem to have lagged behind this dynamic change.

exclamation pointI haven’t got a magic pill or solution because the problem is endemic to our personal world view. We’ve accepted ideas opposite in achieving long-term benefit in hope that our short-term thinking will net long-term positive consequences. I can only hope there will be some type of catalyst that will create a desire in us to change this societal train wreck.


Top 20 U.S. violent crime cities

20 	Birmingham, AL
19 	Stockton, CA
18 	Homestead, FL
17 	Myrtle Beach, SC
16 	Alexandria, LA
15 	Wilmington, DE
14 	Memphis, TN
13 	Atlantic City, NJ
12 	St. Louis, MO
11 	Chelsea, MA
10 	Newburgh, NY
9 	Oakland, CA
8 	Chester, PA
7 	Bessemer, AL
6 	Detroit, MI
5 	Saginaw, MI
4 	West Memphis, AR
3 	Camden, NJ
2 	Flint, MI
1 	East St. Louis, IL