Making Our Own Choice

Each day, we begin a new. It’s as if we are granted one more time to get it right. Some of us simply awake and continue in the same path, even if it’s been a sorrowful journey to this point. Some of us have goals and desires to be something or change things to conform to our way of thought. We may also use those waking moments in a lament of what was or what should be. Meanwhile we miss out on the full experience of what life offers.

We may become passionate about our ideas, even write books, host a TV or radio program and express our ideas and thoughts as superior to all others before us. The past couple of posts I entered, suggest we are just a small part of a huge universe and that universe refuses to recognize us as anything special. What are we left with then? We are left with perspective. Hopefully learning which paths take us to a joyful and respectful destination. Yes, we can project our will, sometimes great, and sometimes small on others, but what if that will lead others to a loss of their freedom, identity, happiness, and fulfillment? Can that be considered a good outcome?

It’s not always easy to determine what’s best for ourselves but when we try to manipulate, control and legislate the behavior for others, we all lose out in the long run. Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a continual journey with small decisions leading to larger outcomes. Compromises are made and that’s not all bad as long as we continue to find ways to bring joy for ourselves and that often is best obtained by helping others to find joy in their life, even if it’s for a moment.

There’s enough pain, trouble, worry, anger and resentment in the world, perhaps this is the day you choose not to participate in that disruptive path. Don’t let others define who you are if all they are suggesting is contrary to your happiness and joy. Distance yourself from activity, substance, and people who erode your well-being. When you get up, say to yourself, “I got this, help is on the way!

As impossible as it may seem, we should accept our own reality. It doesn’t mean however that we can’t change it, or work toward overcoming adversity, ignorance or just a crappy attitude. One thing about attitude or viewing others in a negative way, we own that choice. It’s not about the inferiority or the small mindedness of someone else, it’s about our own cynical, divisive or hateful way of thinking that damages us and the world we come in contact. I hope you allow yourself the time to watch each of these videos as they assist in understanding my post. This is a world of we, and each of us owns a perspective and attitude. Let’s find a way to make it better for others as well as ourselves. Don’t demand what you think is right for others and how they should live, demand it from yourself and perhaps this will inspire others.