Ever wonder where you came from?

A question frequently asked; where did we come from? Someone from Brooklyn New York might say; from my mother, what’s it to yeah?

Lets think about this for a moment, this kind of question has been answered through science. If you read, listen or pay close attention to find out the answer, it comes from an essential understanding of the cosmos. Modern astronomers have done the heavy lifting in examining information obtained through observation, measurement, calculation and experimentation. This isn’t a place to gain that knowledge, just know that it’s available if you desire to know more. Watch this brief video; Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey; “Forge ahead – don’t let anyone stop you“.



Wherever you are today, when you stand outside, take off your shoes and if you have socks on, remove them too.
You stand on the earth. The same large rock 7 billion other people are also somewhere on as well.
This is the only immediate address or place you and everyone else reside.

We can’t journey from it without taking the essential life supporting mechanisms with us that came from this planet.
Thus we all breathe the same air, consume the same elements produced from this planet.

Now look up. If it is day time where you are, you should be able to see or at least feel another source of where we are from.
We are approximately 150 million kilometers from the Sun. This varies due to the scope of our orbit.
This is our closest star and the only constant source of energy for our planet.
There are more of these suns visible to us at night which appear during a clear sky.

planet forming eso-1301All of the elements contained within these stars produced the fundamental elements from which we are formed.
Thus you can say without hesitation, we are children of the stars.
Our planet came from the stars.
Our bodies came from this planet.

Each of us has a light within us.
For awhile, we might be content to allow light to reflect from us, just like the moon does from the sun.
Eventually, we need to find that light within and allow it to come forth.
No one, no matter how close they are to us, bother, sister, mother, father, children, friend, or lover can make our light for us.
QiThis light can be enhanced by those around us or we may find ourselves withholding it because of others.
That’s not how its meant to be. Your light is your own. Eastern thought refers to this as qì, also chi, ch’i or ki.
Whatever you want to name it, while you are alive, that energy source is there.

Today, as you stepped outside with your feet now feeling the ground, look up to the heavens and realize your source, all of our source, comes from the elements contained within the stars. You are unique among the many.
Today, realize that you, me, we are all a source of energy, as small as that may be.
That energy though, can be a source of good, so let that little bit of star-dust shine within you.
It’s there, don’t bury it, suppress or not recognize it.

Now be well, and go back inside before someone wonders what you’re doing standing outside in your bare feet staring up at the stars.

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