Are There Superior Humans?

The eons of debate/argument over racial hatred, division, and intolerance breaks down with this fundamental understanding.

Basic elements of the human body

Basic elements of the human body – image courtesy of wikipedia


  1. Everyone born on this earth came from the elements of the earth. Everyone is comprised primarily of the same basic materials.
  2. No one has ever chosen where they were born or their nationality.
  3. Skin color and other physical features derive from genetic inheritance. If we trace the gene pool back far enough, we find all of us are related. This should be of no surprise as reference in point #1.
  4. When we die, all of our bodily materials breakdown into basic elements and are returned to this earth. In blunt and truthful language, those elements were there before. All people living today, share from those same elements which are recycled.
  5. Humans consume foods derived from the earth as well as water. It’s safe to say that we have eaten and drank from the same food and water resource as everyone else. Wind and rain scatter these elements and water throughout the world. It means we have literally consumed the same elements of food and water which have passed through other humans before us.


Each of us lives on the same planet and therefore can claim absolutely no superiority. Any societal, religious or political belief that suggests superiority is based on a false premise. Hatred toward people of any nationality, skin color or religion is stupid and destructive. Arabs have eaten the same food and drank the same water as Jews. Heterosexual people have breathed the same air as homosexuals.

The earth

Earth as viewed from a distance.

Anyone that claims to know your personal destination after leaving this earth, ie. heaven or hell or you’re reborn/reincarnated as another person is selling you on an unprovable idea. They may lay special claim as to these details, but they have no way of knowing about you, at best they’re guessing or deceptive, either to you and or themselves.

There have been millions of charlatans over the millennium claiming special powers of insight and knowledge. Some are more effective in telling their stories than others. Most often they transfer these stories and insight through repetition, especially to children or young people as a way of supporting themselves.

This increased status manifest itself in several ways, usually in increased wealth and power but there are other more subtle ‘benefits’. The added status comes about through myth creation about being special, select or set apart from other lesser humans. This appeals to our vanity and controls human behavior.

Many religions claim to be special or select or possessing knowledge that others don’t have or won’t unless they do exactly as they’re instructed. Just as other lemmings before them, they’re unaware of this and continue to follow whomever is the symbolic leader. The worst offenders often incite conflict to control those who aren’t part of the ‘select’ group.

Recognize that they are just as human as you and will go into the dust just as you will. I recommend you distance yourself from these people and think for yourself. Trust what you learn/know first hand, mistrust most secondary sources.


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