Security Warning!

More Tips on Computer & Internet Security

We have all been exposed to the news about Heartbleed but there’s more to consider than just this latest news about a security threat. Many people assume their cell phones are secure, their home computers, which they seldom use, etc. Sadly, that’s not necessarily true.

BlackBerry 10 is under a security advisory. Go here if you own this product.

Microsoft Windows is a good product but because it has been around and so popular, it routinely gets hacked. I don’t care who tells you Windows XP is safe to use, I strongly urge you to upgrade to a newer operating system. That being said there are a lot of things you can still acquire unknowingly. May I suggest two things; be sure you only use one security program per the type of task you want it to perform. That is to say, if you’re trying to prevent a virus infection, use only one anti-virus. I saw a computer running 3 anti-virus programs at once. If memory serves me correctly they were AVG, McAfee and Norton. It isn’t important as to which ones but be aware there’s no tripling of effective protection, rather there’s likely to be more false positives as these thrash about on your PC.

It’s certainly OK to purchase an anti-virus program, a digital defense program designed to hide your identity and a firewall from separate firms. It’s also OK to purchase a comprehensive program from the same company. Kapersky offers this type of security suite. Go here to find out more.


Test you computer for problems with this program. You can download it here, from Kapersky.

On a public wireless? Be careful what you do in public wi-fi hotspots, someone may be listening in on your digital communication. Don’t ever do any financial services logins in a public wireless environment.

Do you own a smart phone? Well, there are a lot of free applications for your smart phone. Do you know some of them may be spying on you? Some turn on the microphone, and others turn on the camera without you knowing it’s happening. Built in GPS tracking so marketing people can find out where you go and what you purchase. Sound like a story of paranoia? Well unfortunately it’s true. There’s a solution to the problem for some users. If you own an Android phone, the software is ready now. Apple phones will see a release soon. Go here to find out more.

Some wireless communication has been vulnerable to a an attack from “The Beast”. No, it isn’t a comic book character. Another supposedly secure communications protocol, TLS, was compromised. Go here to find out if your Siemens wireless backbone requires a fix.

Something Useful

If you’re a support person in a small company or non-profit that requires image download capability, there’s a cloning tool readily available for free. Find out more about FOG.

FOG is a Linux-based, free and open source computer imaging solution for Windows XP, Vista and 7 that ties together a few open-source tools with a php-based web interface. FOG doesn’t use any boot disks, or CDs. Do you need an image downloaded to a new workstation entering your office or place of business? This is a free tool to reimage your disk drive and get your PC’s all running off the same  self-tested image.

Do you want to know what threats are active? Go here to find out.

Stay safe!