Federal Government Priority on Cattle Grazing Over Border Security

If you’re bewildered by the various activities our national government has engaged in over the past several years, you’re not alone. The extent of various federal government agencies have created problems where they need not occur. Meanwhile the existing laws designed to protect people from harm and secure our borders, hasn’t been a priority. It’s disturbing to many of us that have seen when times were better and leadership with all their flaws was nowhere near as divisive and as destructive as we now seem to face.

We have the beginnings of an old-fashioned range war going on in Nevada. It’s not because of illegals crossing the border or over drugs. The war is over some basic grazing rights that the federal government wants to enforce. The land in question is land the Bureau of Land Management secured decades ago and for as many years allowed local cattlemen to let their cattle range into this land. Suddenly this has become a hot bed of confrontation between locals and the BLM. The filed BLM document entitled “Cattle Trespass Impacts” affidavit includes as reason for this change of attitude; restoration of habitat for the Southwest Willow Flycatcher, the Desert Tortoise and that Cliven Bundy’s cattle “impacts” solar development, more specifically the construction of “utility-scale solar power generation facilities” on “public lands.”

Snipers, tasers, and cattle: the great Nevada range war

Snipers, tasers, and cattle: the great Nevada range war

The BLM have confiscated cattle and have shown up in large force armed and ready to confront local residents. Now there is citizen militia coming in from out-of-state armed and ready to repel BLM armed officials. Each side claiming offense but one thing is for sure, the feds have brought in a military operation with little regard as to how they exercise the use of force. Nevada, Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins stated, Utahns planning to travel to Nevada to support Cliven Bundy in his standoff against the feds “better have funeral plans”. He used some other strong language as well, but it’s apparent he’s adding fuel to a volatile situation.

Meanwhile local law enforcement in several southern states that border Mexico are having significant problems with people coming across the border. Sometimes these people are heavily armed and forwarding drugs. The local law enforcement officers are alarmed by the drug and human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping and money laundering that Mexican drug cartels are conducting in the U.S. ranging well into neighboring states.

Evidently the feds are more concerned about the ranging of cattle over the terrorist activity that is occurring in border communities in the south. Where are the protections guaranteed under the Constitution? The basic premise of the Federal government is to protect all against threats foreign and domestic.

As the national debt continues to climb, desperate measures are becoming part of the normal activity engaged in by the IRS. They are a law unto themselves and with an increased number hired to enforce health care mandates which will be effective in 2015, they have reached back into history, to the time of King Richard and Henry’s of ancient England. The plan is to seize tax refunds of children whose parents’ owe the IRS. I’m not making this up. It’s becoming less difficult to believe after hearing the information revealed about the IRS being used to penalize and thwart conservative groups. This however is a further expansion of their duties to find anyway possible to collect more money for the Feds spendthrift ways. The IRS has already confiscated nearly $2 billion dollars this year. It doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the nearly $1.5 Trillion the government plans to over spend in 2015.
armed drone
I guess the money they collect could help fund armed drones flying over U.S. cities.