What is super strong & slightly scary?

If asked that question you might get a variety of answers.

Can you imagine lifting something as heavy as a locomotive? How about controlling the temperature of a hundred suns? The answer to the question, what is strong & slightly scary, is magnetism… Not your incredible personality, but in atomic structure influence.

In fact just about everything we come into contact within our everyday life uses magnetics to entertain, control / regulate, save lives and provide power.typical loudspeaker

Types of Permanent Magnets

Magnetic confinement fusion

Magnetic confinement fusion reactor – does this remind you of the newer Star Trek?

Scientists have envisioned & hope to tap the power of nuclear fusion. This is the same process that powers our sun and provides huge energy and light to our part of the galaxy. The promise of clean, renewable, and safe energy, isn’t about tapping the power of solar, but harnessing the power of imploding atoms in the continuous, controllable fire of nuclear fusion. Today’s best attempts, utilize magnetic fields in expensive experimental reactors. Along with the more traditional aspects of fusion are those of ‘cold fusion’. So far, not as promising to develop energy levels on the order of magnitude of ‘hot fusion’.

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