Speaker Restoration Project

These came to me with a blown high frequency driver, destroyed components in a crossover and badly damaged cabinets. The electronics are repaired however the cabinets still need restoration. I will work on these over the next month and get them to shine once more.

Time Window label back

Time Window label back of cabinet. Wrap around foam grill removed.

Time Window 1 top view

Time Window 1 top view of damage.

Time Window 1 bottom plate

Time Window 1 bottom damaged wood

The speakers weren’t distorting, the microphone in the camera was simply overloading.

This is what they could look like if restored.

DCM Time Window One speakers

DCM Time Window One speakers – used pair for a visual comparison.

I’m not as big of a fan of their appearance as I am of their great sound reproduction. If you have prodigious amounts of clean power they will take it. On the other hand, they can play softly with a naturalness few speakers rival. Very easy on the ears for extended listening period.