Your Sister May Be Your Uncles Nephew

OK, that heading may be a bit confusing, however I’ll attempt to explain…
We live in a different society than when I became part of it. I’m a different person as well. I may have evolved, then again, perhaps for some, I may have devolved.

Here’s my evolution of thought, right – wrong – or confusing to some. What’s so disturbing to people who are heterosexual about people who are homosexual? Is it their sense of fashion? The manner in which they speak? They may convert you to the ‘dark side’? Well if you were truly honest with your answers you probably don’t know, because just like people who are straight, people who are gay, are not all the same. Shocking revelation, right? Of course not and what’s even more so, is the manner in which some people identify them as subversive, evil or not to be trusted.

I’m not attempting to undermine someone’s religious beliefs. I know there are numerous thoughts on morality. Perhaps those that hold the idea defining homosexuality as immoral and those who see it as normal in their life, share one thing in common. May be the problems we face are about how much emphasis we have placed on our sexuality and how it defines who or what we are.

Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson in Giant

We often observe our world through a false lens

In almost every urban corner, available to every screen, almost every radio station and on many publications we are inundated with messages related to our sexuality. The message creators, artists and people of commerce recognize the common thread for most people can be as simple as our reproduction. The physical act of sex has become so blaring a message that entering a serious discussion is fraught with mixed messages.

We know or should know these basic facts, sex has been fundamental to the continuation of humans as it is throughout the known living world. It is also pleasurable for most people and for many it defines their confidence within. Rather than go into health related or other issues, from those points a divergence of opinion continues. So celebration over the act of sexual intercourse is bound to solicit numerous emotion.

What we can’t seem to agree on, are our labels of people who have sexual intercourse in a different manner than ourselves. Even though there are numerous examples of people who have continually abused others through their acts of sexuality and have considered themselves heterosexual, the automatic claim by some, is you’re a reprobate if your physical desires are toward the same-sex. People with whom we have placed great trust, have conducted themselves in ways that no matter what their sexuality, are abusive or criminal in nature.

Consider your own actions, not necessarily related to sex, what are they and how do they impact the lives of those with whom you come in contact? Furthermore, do you use your sexuality as a weapon, emotional lever or bargaining tool of superiority? There are a lot more ways we should be examining our behavior and thoughts other than simple sexual preference.

Hansen Unplugged: Celebrating our differences.
Perhaps this sports commentator summarizes it best.