Slow Jam – Fast Slam

I admit, this amused me. Using current events to “Slow Jam The News” with Mitt Romney & Jimmy Fallon . .

Sometimes it takes humor to accentuate the absurdity of politics, after all The Daily Show along with Colbert Report have been doing it successfully for years. There were some things sprinkled in this skit which should be taken very seriously. It’s doubtful they will be. We can’t seem to take our eyes off our plasma – LCD – LED – wide-screen TV’s and think about what is evolving.

The TSA has been busy according to their website. They tally 638,705,790 searches, pat-downs and screenings of passengers in 2013. Here are a few samples of the items confiscated at various airports.

TSA confiscated weapons

Why would anyone take weapons to the airport. Hiding a gun in a box of detergent? Understand X-Rays?

TSA confiscated items

OK, what part of NOT taking weapons to the airport is difficult to understand?

When is it a good idea to bring an inert grenade to the airport???

When is it ever a good idea to bring an inert grenade to the airport? What’s next, telling bomb jokes to the TSA?

Proposed surveillance blimp

Proposed surveillance blimp

Meanwhile, the steps being taken to remove more of our anonymity are expanding.

The administration continues to crack down on anyone they perceive critical and potentially damaging to the image of President Obama. I guess selective enforcement is OK according to their ethics.

It conforms to the arrest of a cinematographer over a year ago, entirely not connected to the Benghazi Libya embassy attack so as to deflect blame for the real administration person(s) in charge.

It’s apparent Democrats and Republicans are more loyal to their political party interests over that of the nation’s. In the end, the American people are unable to differentiate between honest or corrupt government conduct. No one answered the key question as to why we made no attempt to provide rescue of our embassy personnel over a long battle. Clearly no one could predict how long or how intense the attack would be from the outset, but to sit on our hands and do nothing is unforgivable.

There seems to be no concerted effort to work on the economy – national debt – unemployment (job growth) – high prices at the pump (national energy program) – immigration.

The main stream media fails to ask the difficult questions. Maybe it’s a new version of — don’t ask — don’t tell?.

When the truth doesn’t matter to the government or the citizen, the end of the Republic is merely a matter of time.