Being in the Moment – Protecting Ourselves in the Digital Age

traditional street lampMany of us are entertained by the various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes, whether it’s the movies, BBC or CBS TV. All of the Sherlock incarnations have one thing in common, an incredible capability to focus on things around them and correlate the significance of these observations. Between the ability to observe and deduce we have the workings of a master sleuth. I would think there are but a select few who could begin to approach this capability.

Being in the moment for most of us is difficult because of the numerous distractions enhanced by a plethora of entertainment and information resources. This entertainment and information has become the digital age criminal’s delicatessen. As we go about our lives, transacting business, shopping, eating or being entertained, the clever network and computer savvy criminal has enhanced tools in which to invade our lives and cherry pick from our resources.

Joop Moesman The Rumor digital age

‘The Rumor’ in the digital age – with apologies to Joop Moesman

Let’s say you need a new identity. The clever social criminal can go to Facebook and look up personal information. They can do so with false identity and further more, they can enhance this intelligence gathering operation by using the main reason most of us are on social media. We want to communicate, share our thoughts and preferences. What is a better way to gather this information? They may create posts which ask you to click accept on an invitation. Once you click accept, it even tells you the new resource – game – entertainment – poll or picture will gather basic information from your profile. This means step 1 is accomplished. Now it’s a matter of time where they examine through another program, your digital photos. Most of your photos will have specific location information embedded within.

Now the criminal starts to learn patterns about you. Where do you shop, what things have you bought which may indicate to them you’re a high value target? Bought a luxury car lately? How about an expensive TV? Maybe they find out you like to hang out at digital cafe’s to drink coffee and collect data on your phone, pad or netbook. What about store purchases? If you bought from a known store that has been hacked, they now can gather all sorts of data like social security numbers, PINS, bank accounts, etc. I hope you’re seeing my point here. We live in an information age and there are hundreds of ways to infiltrate your privacy. No one, not even the so-called identity theft prevention companies will be as invested in your digital security as you must be.

brilliance controlI can write more on this topic. I have a long history with computer and network technology. If you would like to know more, click on the Like button or type out your comments below. This will be my simple method of determining if there’s an interest in learning more about how you can protect yourself in the information age.

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