Important – Please Read For Your Protection

stay secure on-lineWhenever you’re sent a message from a web site, bank, credit card company, FBI, CIA, IRS, Homeland Security, Inland Revenue, Nigerian Banker or company that hosts your web site content, NEVER click on the links that are supplied within the email.

This is one of the methods that Internet criminals creatively use to circumvent your otherwise cautious nature. I don’t care how official it appears. If you think there’s a remote possibility the message is legitimate, then go directly to the web site using the normal Internet URL (the address you must type in or have saved) in your browser. Log on as you normally would if you have an account or web presence with that company.

The clever thieves often will use your email address and send you a message on some urgent matter. They hope you will click on one of the links within the document. The more clever thieves actually mock-up a log on page identical to the one you would normally view or use a method to hijack the original pages through clever domain fabrication.

If you just follow the advice I gave and not click on the link, you will be all the more protected and can avoid the painful results of being had.

One other thing, your bank may send you an email but they will also send a regular postal notice of anything important. Same thing goes for your insurance. Use regular methods to log on to your account or if there’s any doubt, take the time to pay a personal visit to the institution.

spot lightNEVER LOG ON TO IMPORTANT ACCOUNTS ON FREE PUBLIC WiFi. Use your more secure home or office to log into those sites. Always assume someone is examining public or free Internet sites for gaining access to banks, employer and other secure web sites. You don’t have to see anyone around you for this to occur.

smart phoneWhenever you have a doubt as to the authenticity of any communication, a simple call to the company or organization is advisable. This advice is appropriate for any bank, credit card, insurance or government communication. By that I mean, pick up the phone to call them to discuss the matter rather than be concerned and violate your security by clicking on a link in an email.

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