Ethical Lapse in Judgment

I’ve written before on trusting government to do the right thing by giving them more power. This is another one of those times for us to evaluate the effectiveness of an ‘all seeing’ agency of government. The government has convinced many, it’s necessary to invade our privacy to protect us from the ‘evil in the world’. This excuse has allowed local & federal law enforcement to crash through the doors of our homes, search without sufficient probable cause, detain people on the highways for road checks arrest and detain again with the flimsiest of evidence. We’re also to believe in their absolute integrity such that they won’t plant evidence to gain conviction.

We’re becoming a society of two minds, one of which is to believe in nothing, the other is to accept official channels information as if it’s always correct. The problem is exacerbated without sufficient intellectual wisdom to discern right from wrong and therefore believing what sounds like the most polished presentation or sophisticated argument as truth. Perhaps everyone can use a refresher in this phrase, applicable to almost every situation, opinion or news item; “trust but verify”.  It’s OK to be trusting unless or until you find the source is telling you a lie, but we must recognize truth is a hard standard to achieve, let alone for most of us to be discriminating enough to recognize it.  All the opposing ideas associated on any presented fact often confuse people from understanding what are the important facts.

Of course these are statements of broad stroke and perhaps too generalized for many who read this to understand my point, but here’s a video on a specific topic which might be helpful.

This video embed explains some of the covert methods used to access our private information.

FBI function changes

FBI mission changed

Please realize that if the NSA – FBI – Homeland Security or another organization is aware of and exploits security flaws, wouldn’t it be the right thing for them to do, make the public aware of these problems. Of course many of us are simply conditioned to accept the official response of the necessity of the government to keep secrets such as these classified to protect us. When the government is given free rein to select and target whomever they want, whenever they want and potentially ruin the life of that person, that’s tyranny.

An interesting byproduct of a nationalized data base of our health care records, simply affords those with this private and secret power the means to identify and target individuals for further exploitation.

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