This Makes No Sense

George Orwell seeing in front of our noseWhy do we have laws? If as a society we say — ‘there ought to be a law’ — argue, write and pass the law(s) — then work to defeat or circumvent them, why create the laws if we just ignore them?

Case in point, immigration law. The United States has been a desirable place to live, but the means to enter the country have been defined through various immigration laws. Sometimes it’s just a temporary visit through passport entry. Other methods include a visa or work permit, green card eventually leading to permanent residency / citizenship. For millions of people over the years this process has been circumvented through surreptitious border crossing. Once in the country the visitor from another country uses any means at their disposal to find shelter and income. For some this is just a continuation of illegal activity and for others it’s back breaking work.

original immigration problemIt’s easy to sympathize with people seeking a better life for themselves but why the two tier approach for entry? At one level, there’s the official government authorized route and then there’s the unofficial authorized government route. There can no longer be considered an illegal route because everywhere you look the indications are it’s tacitly supported by government as well as many private citizens. The Department of (In)Justice is suing Arizona for attempting to enforce federal law. In California, the state supreme court just gave their OK to an illegal immigrant to become a lawyer (in the U.S.) That’s especially noteworthy, a man enters the country illegally and we say, if you pass the bar, we will allow you to become an officer of the court.

Nevada DMVNow we have another state (1 of 11 so far) which is issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. When I got my license, I had to show the my birth certificate. When I apply for work I have to show several forms of identification which show I’m a citizen.

Am I missing something here? What’s the logic behind any of these situations? This country must be suffering from some form of ‘stupid’ drug. Speaking of that topic, clever segue here, with so many states passing medical marijuana laws will the federal government acquiesce and then make if part of an insurance requirement under the health care reform act? After all they now have made it mandatory to prescribe contraceptives even if your religious affiliated employer doesn’t support this benefit. It’s good to see we have our priorities sorted out here. Federally mandated condoms — open borders. In one situation, you get protection, in another, you get none. You decide . . .

We have a similar problem with ignoring law when it comes to enforcement concerning firearm purchases. If the person is turned down during the background check, almost always the person isn’t investigated or become criminal prosecuted.  Again, why have the law if it isn’t followed through legal channel?

New immigration attitude

Immigration attitude – entitlements for all

In this absurd progressive nation we simply reword the activity to something innocuous, thus illegal immigrant becomes ‘undocumented immigrant’.

It’s a Topsy-turvy world – What’s up is down and what’s down is up.

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2 thoughts on “This Makes No Sense

  1. Johh Pearson

    You forgot to mention the biggest injustice of all immigration policy. The Wet Foot, Dry Foot policy. This applies to Cubans only. Stating if a Cuban has one foot on US soil they can stay and seek citizenship after one year. Why do they get this sweetheart deal? They are refugees like like a lot of others that come here. Bamboozling the media/goverment into calling them Exiles doesn’t change the fact they are actually just refugees.

    I’m not hating on Cubans but this policy is utter BS. I’m sure if you ask any Haitian they would have the same feeling.

    1. Mike Livingston Post author

      My intention was to demonstrate the immigration system as it exists is broken. Policies and laws were written and largely ignored at the convenience of the federal and some state governments. Your explanation of another aspect of immigration policy which is largely conditional based on politics of the moment furthers how broken the system continues to be.

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