A Duty to Rescue – The Right to Defend

There is nothing that stands still. Everything we see around us is temporary. Civilizations come and go as well as governing bodies. Most people want to believe in permanency, that’s why the Leave it to Beaver or Walton’s had appeal for so many years. These were examples in entertainment of people who lived in families that got along and stayed together. Of course they had make believe problems so the audience could identify in some way with the characters.

Both of these programs as well as many similar shows appealed to people who wanted to live in a world where their type of problems don’t exist. The reality which was denied in public for many years, were that families were not permanent and there were a great number of single parent households. Along with that type of myth are the romancing of the past. As time passes, so do the memories of many of the problems of that particular period which may be referred to as better than the current one.

All this is a simple explanation into the human psychology of seeking normalcy. During times of change, many individuals refuse to see the symptoms of that change and will continue to conduct themselves as if nothing were different. Entire groups will live in denial because they feel comfort in living in the past or refuse to become involved. This is well documented in research but I’ll give a couple of personal examples.

I was at a Christmas party where the food was laid on the table with decorative items and lighted candles interspersed among the food and decoration. During the party I returned to the dining area and found that some of the decorative items had caught fire while people continued to talk among themselves and act as if nothing had changed. I saw this as a serious problem, rushed into the kitchen to find a container to hold water and baking soda. I came back to seeing people standing in shock as the dining table objects were ablaze and the fire was licking at the overhead light. I was the only person who rushed to put out the fire. People afterwards thanked me, but during the brief period of fighting the fire, no one helped.

In the 1990’s my wife and I were walking on a path near Lake Lanier with another couple. We were talking, joking and carrying on as people do when they’re enjoying the company. We walked past a small group of adolescents swimming in the lake. Although the day time temperature was warm, it was early spring and the lake water was cold. One of the teenage boys didn’t come back to the surface, his other swimming buddies were starting to panic and I could tell something was wrong from their increased swimming rate as well as in their voices. Other people walking along this path didn’t pay attention and continued in what they were doing. We took a quick poll among ourselves and I was elected to go in and find him. Only one other person, a woman that had been swimming earlier, joined in the search.

International scenarios aren’t much different. The example of the current tensions in the middle east with regard to Israel and Iran. Iran is building the capacity to possess nuclear bombs. They have repeated in public their absolute hatred for the state of Israel. Of course the proximity of Israel to Iran gives them no comfort in the thought that once Iran has such a weapon they will likely want to take it for a test ride on one of their rockets. They’re equally uncomfortable the termination of this nuclear explosive device will be near or on top of a major city in Israel. The disposition of Israel is to destroy Iranian weapons facilities before completion. The United States would like to take awhile before involving any military action. So we ask for talks and Iran talks and Iran builds while Israel is counting down. We want normalcy and believe everyone also wants to be peaceful and get along. Israel unfortunately, has found that negotiations haven’t historically worked in their favor.

Discussions about private ownership of firearms perhaps are sui generis (1), however I think the previous explanations demonstrate, many people would rather not think about personal harm or even the possibility of serious imminent danger. There are many people who want to believe if you just ban firearms, the problem of violent crime or bodily harm will go away. Some other people think there are a lot of people over reacting. They don’t find any problem in what has been portrayed as, let’s have a few more laws, you know, common sense laws. Of course we should know by now the lawmakers sell us on the idea of reasonable and sensible and then when green lighted, come up with enough words in new law which only lawyers understand. Effectively they change things to such a restrictive degree no common gun owner will be able to comply. Even in states where firearm ownership is allowed, if it becomes necessary to use it in self-defense, the cost to defend oneself in court can bankrupt many people.

In New York and California, the law makers have been supported by enough wealthy and powerful people to pass laws against ordinary citizens having the right to a practical means to provide personal defense. As I posted previously, this isn’t an accident. The reason to remove most firearms from the possession of the ordinary citizen is so the ruling class (politicians and the wealthy) can exercise even more control of the population. As the economic and social conditions continue to deteriorate they will be the only ones with guns. They will use their police and security forces to control who they want and arrest anyone they choose which opposes them. They use surrogates to stir up issues that can potentially divide people, plan on things to spin out of control, and then justify a ‘crackdown on speech or violence’, giving themselves extraordinary powers in the process.

Most people, if they read this, will simply do what I observed at the Christmas party or at the lake when the young man was drowning, they will do nothing. More likely, people who read this will deny it and some will go so far as to express their disagreement with it. A few, will understand it and are likely to have already done something to help improve their situation. I’m hoping a few more people will join in and help stop erosion of our right to defend and protect ourselves.

Note 1: sui generis: in a class or group of its own : not like anything else : singular

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. ~ Edmund Burke
Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. ~ Edmund Burke
When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. ~ Edmund Burke