The Evolution of Science

ImageOne thing I desire, is to be honest about ideas and information which forms my opinion. As we hear the often used phrase, ‘keeping it real’. So, I’m going to say some things here which may cause a few people to have their heads spin and spit pea soup. Many other people won’t be in the least bit ruffled or surprised from this post.

There’s active debate going on with regard to the origination of life. There are many differing opinions, some rooted in research while others derive from ancient stories. I don’t think there’s a need to examine all that in a brief blog post because it could take years of research. If you examine the polar opposite viewpoints; mankind originated by and through creation of a higher order intelligence. This ethereal intelligence is often given names such as God or Allah. The other point of view; humans originated through a process of evolution from simpler life form to more complex over millions of years;  eventually this selection of the fittest and extinction of the least adaptive resulted in a lower form of primate. So as to be clear, this doesn’t mean humans evolved from apes, it means that animals such as chimpanzees evolved from one fork in this adaptive process and humans evolved from another branch. I’m not writing about the right or wrong of any proposed theory, merely pointing out the two main constructs.

clock towerSo if we can take a few more steps in the direction I’m going and not get caught up with current debate, here’s the basic idea I would like you to consider. We know from many skeletal and fossil remains, there have been many changes in animal as well as plant life. If you aren’t aware of these various mutations, I invite you to use the Internet to explore further. Along with mutation, we see migration of animals and humans

Tracing origination of groups of people and going back far enough in time, we can find the source of the earliest humans. This source is Africa. Using DNA to trace the origins of people is complex and tentative.  When  examined so far, people alive today, from all ethnic groups, source anciently to the African continent. Migration  studies suggest this occurred about 70,000 years ago.  I invite you to read the two articles I included as links  from National Geographic. It comes as no surprise to many, the statement is true, we are all Africans. Arguments based on racial heritage are really arguments that should be thrown into the waste bin of extinct civilization. I’m not suggesting there won’t be a lot to discuss on racial history and harmony during present time, however we should all be aware we are all connected and diversity is a consequence of migration and human changes due to geography and climate.

Putting it bluntly, we all originated from this planet. Each of us came from elements found on earth and when we are through, all of the evolved components will return to their basic compounds into this same soil. We need to carefully examine our ancestry and our recent history with this premise in mind, all humans originate from the same source. This means, no matter what creation debate we find ourselves aligning, we all come from the elements on this planet.

In the beginning was the word and the word is Africa.