Have a Wonderful, Safe & Joyful Thanksgiving

Autumn Color
I want to wish all who I know or come in contact with and especially my family a bountiful and peaceful – Thanksgiving.

I know this day comes to some with less than joyful circumstances. I wish I could change all that for everyone. I do want to express my thankfulness and appreciation for the abundant life I enjoy.

I’m thankful for my family, mostly at times apart but especially grateful for the times we’re together.  Those of you who know, one of our dear family members, my mother, has recently left this day and other ones like it behind. All of us are appreciative of knowing her and feeling her love.Autumn leaf color

I give thanks for a peaceful life. It hasn’t always been so. I’m grateful for having all that I need. I accept that needs are often different from wants. May your needs be met.

Find ways to assist others and be thankful you’re here when they need it most.

Enjoy this day with family and friends. If you shop during this weekend, be mindful of those who must work. Treat them with dignity and respect even if you find them less than that way toward you. It’s not an easy time for them to work and to be away from those they cherish.