Are you tired of upside down thinking?

We’ve been told repeatedly by those who consider themselves to be liberal-minded or progressive, they’re more intelligent than conservative thinkers. We are treated to the “better than yous” that show up to a talking heads program or are interviewed by like-minded newscasters who often tell the rest of us, they know what’s best for us. Anyone that doesn’t agree is either a denier, uninformed, stupid, foolish, ignorant, phobic or racist. If you attempt to reason with them, names will ensue and you will be looked down upon. Too bad that all of us aren’t willing to be cooperative little lemmings to the elitists and controllers.

Understanding the new health care law.we gotta have national health care

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it.”
A physician called into a radio show and said: “… that’s the definition of a stool sample.”

If health care costs are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country, how will that work for government-run health care? Government efficiency is an oxymoron.

In America, politicians expect people to be gullible enough to believe that government-run health care on top of an already expensive health care system is going to reduce costs.

We believed the story about how they were stimulating the economy. They took money away from everyone that paid taxes and gave it to their wealthy friends, investment bankers that got us into the financial disaster.

stack of moneyThe government now spends almost twice as much as it collects through taxes. So, if we add thousands of new employees to be enforcement (IRS), phone centers staffed by (navigators) and we (taxpayers) bought a health care web site that doesn’t work ($634 million), which we have to pay to fix, where’s the efficiency in all that? Most of us know this is just a step toward changing the entire health care system where the government runs it and they determine our needs and how much we’ll pay. We have less than 50% of the U.S. population pay thousands or millions through taxes. Some of the insured will receive a portion of that tax as a health care subsidy, and we call that a good idea or fair? It only seems fair to those on the receiving end and the more they can find people on the receiving side, the more the electorate will vote for those wanting to keep up the subsidies. The equation of who is working for whom is reversed. All the voters will be able to do is keep voting for the type of person willing or wanting to send them a check.

Here’s where logic really goes of the rails.

“… the most consequential subsidy is rarely mentioned or even noticed: Government for decades has directly subsidized individuals’ costs of employer-based health care, to the tune of roughly $250 billion every year.”   ~ Washington Post

You compromise with someone that wants to remove your hand, they will come back later for the arm and then the legLogic and reason have left the room. Now they want to suggest anything less than 100% tax is a subsidy. Therefore, when we earn anything, the government gives us a tax break because they’re not taxing us as much as they can. It’s gotten to the point where any money they allow us to keep is a sign of a benevolent government and that’s supposedly makes us grateful.

Suzanne Mettler, a professor of government at Cornell University, describes these tax breaks as part of the “hidden benefits that many people don’t even consider government benefits.” “Many people don’t even know that they are getting a financial break from the government, thanks to these programs.” “Social Security, unemployment insurance, the home-mortgage-interest deduction and student loans”

The explanation she and the Washington Post give, boggles the mind. Not taxing as much is viewed as a subsidy, after all they could have taken more of what you earned. Social Security is and was supposed to be a forced savings program that guaranteed some form of retirement benefit. Almost anyone with a modicum of financial knowledge understands the ROI (return on investment) for Social Security is incredibly low. Of course the government has convinced us they’re gifting us with money and the way they manage it, they’re almost right. They don’t take money paid into FICA and invest it, they use it to pay for those now receiving it and have co-mingled it with the general fund for years to make the deficit look smaller. Unemployment insurance is again another tax we pay into for layoffs should they occur. Of course the government extended those benefit beyond its original intent. Student loans are another area where the government gets involved with a program that could be completely managed in the private sector. It’s a loan, not a subsidy, geesh! For many years institutions of higher learning have been raising their rates well above inflation. They know they can charge more because of these loans. Furthermore you can’t eliminate the obligation for these loans through bankruptcy.
watch your thinking

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

If you don’t think this whole health care coverage issue isn’t about gaining and retaining voters for the liberal politicos, then you ignore this reality. Obamacare Subsidies: The 5 States Where They Matter Most – Pennsylvania, New York, California, Florida, Texas. You gain most of the votes in these states, you retain national leadership.

Government managed health care will do for health as the Department of Energy has done for energy independence.