Veterans Day November 11, 2013

Joseph Ambrose, an 86-year-old World War I vet...Today is set aside as a national holiday. One day that celebrates the memory of those who served in the military for the United States of America. We have seen centuries of military personnel sent to all corners of the earth to serve and protect the nation and the people they care about and are willing to make any sacrifice necessary to preserve and honor the nation they call home.

Most people don’t want to fight and even fewer are willing to commit to losing life or limb in order to carry out their duty. This has been written about by numerous people and if you’ve never served, then they’re simply words on a page. A veteran learns respect for life knowing full well how quickly it can be taken and understands the decisions of the moment create a memory that can last a lifetime.

No matter if you have served or not, this is the day to thank a veteran. You may not realize these people didn’t just go into to collect a paycheck, earn money toward an education or gain a retirement. They wanted to make a difference. The draft no longer exists, but for those that were, their honorable service was just as valuable.

It’s disturbing to a veteran to see people who want to degrade our rights and freedoms or denounce our ability to create our own destiny. It’s demeaning and self-serving when politicians continuously create government help programs without service or accountability. On the other hand it’s equally disturbing to see the erosion of fiscal responsibility and the diminished support for many veteran services. A national leader can’t be believed when they say, we support our veterans and cut their medical or retirement benefits, meanwhile giving themselves pay raises. It’s an absurd notion to say that protection of our sovereignty and freedom becomes less valuable as time goes on.

Let’s also remind our leaders to not just say they support our veterans. Let’s see them do it by continuing proper medical and psychological treatment as well as educational support for returning veterans. Giving up a significant percentage of your life in the strictest of working environments in hostile terrain, climate and threat conditions requires more than just lip service after the veterans mission is complete.

United States of AmericaActive duty soldiers • guardsmen • sailors • airmen or marines don’t get Veterans Day as a holiday. Thanks to all those who currently serve on duty!