Rebuilt and refinished set of vintage Magnavox...

Rebuilt and refinished set of vintage Magnavox speakers using Peerles 6 1/2 in ch woofer and Usher 1 1/8 tweeter. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Not exactly a catchy title. So many years of modifying and customizing things, starting as a child modifying toys, electronics and then bikes and cars. I just couldn’t leave ‘well enough’ alone. What ever that’s supposed to be, I didn’t think things should just come out of a box without modification. Oh sure, I’ve had many failures and sometimes things just never got put back together where they worked again, but that’s all part of the learning curve. I can well imagine how out of hand it might have become if I had deep financial resources. Money and time are limits for all of us. Meanwhile things still get tinkered on. It’s usually speakers but beyond audio there’s still the allure of digital mayhem.

nerdtastic - you naughty dawg!I’m now considering whether I want to keep a Packeteer stock or modify it into a Linux firewall. I’ve never been all that impressed with the actual results of tweaking or tailoring TCP rate control. In quick summary, it’s design is to analyze inbound packets in real-time and control bandwidth through user selection of priority of desired or less desirable communication packets. It’s not an intrusion detection device, per se but it can help you analyze attempts to query or utilize ports & protocols that you don’t want to pass. (This is a limited definition. Use your search engine to find out more)

I also possess a number of smaller Cisco routers from which I occasionally experiment with to eliminate or add routes at will. ▫ ▫ ▫

Kenwood stack components

Kenwood tuner & receiver – repaired amplifier

Beyond and prior to the digital world, I’ve always had my head engaged into analog. I’ve built my own amplifiers and speakers even a limited function radio or two, but to this day I still find bargains at the local second-hand store and end up modifying them to suit a purpose. You don’t always end up with a silk purse, but most of the time I find the results to be an enhancement over off the shelf.

Speakers have always demanded more of my attention because there’s art as well as science which influences the higher quality transducers. Mixing and matching drivers as well as improving on the quality and values selected in crossovers is a challenge that I particularly value.

Here are a few example speakers that I’ve repaired / modified over the last 5 years.

JBL 2500 speaker port modification

JBL 2500 proper port length installed

speaker with concave epi tweeter

Minimus-10 with stock woofer installed EPI tweeter / new crossover – internal accousta-fil dampening material added


Infinity RS225 speaker with Polk woofer

Infinity RS225 installed Polk woofer

JBL LX55 profile

JBL LX55 with woofer foam surround replaced




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