Three Years On…

wordpress logoI was reminded that today marks the third anniversary of my beginning this blog. My doesn’t time fly…
I started to write a simple blog primarily focused on my technical interests but quickly realized a lot of my waking thought was centered on current events.

I discovered an article I wrote back in 5th grade, addressed to various political leaders of the day. The purpose, mostly in vain, was to call attention to the need to improve public transportation. Specifically I advocated bringing back some form of light rail. I saw little advantage in building more highways with additional lanes for clog & smog (two characters I tried on with limited capacity for humor).

If this is to be a personal blog, ipso facto it must present current thought on a variety of events and politics. Of course I will occasionally veer into technical areas because I still gravitate to that in my professional life.Mark Twain patriotism

I hope if you’re honest and thoughtful, you will enjoy future posts and sometimes add your own comments. I don’t want to just simply read from people who agree, however I do prefer people who disagree, do so without animosity.