The Fix Is In

Yesterday marked another day in the continuing decline of American liberty.

Winston Churchill giving impassioned speech

Winston Churchill delivering one of his fire-brand speeches

Most people wouldn’t have noticed as they went about their business. Winston Churchill once remarked; “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.“ We have crossed the lines of any sense of fiscal restraint and are taking the HOV lane to financial ruin.

Think on this for a moment, your accumulated wealth is vast. You have multiple yachts, aircraft at your beck and call and a substantial number of people waiting in the wings to do your bidding. For nearly a century, on almost every significant international event your influence and voice have been heard above all others. You walk around strutting your stuff wherever you go and expect people will bow and curtsy to your every whim. There’s just this one little problem, your wealth is built on a pretext of two things, continuous credit and a growth in your business. Even though you’re borrowing almost 1/3 of your total expenditures, you believe things will continue humming along as they generally have over the foreseeable future. You base this on your exalted self-image and your fortunes have grown substantially over the past 60 years. This leads you to believe that’s reason enough to carry on with business as usual.

Ted Cruz speaks to the House

Ted Cruz speaks to the House on fiscal disaster of HCRA

Meanwhile some of your conservators are becoming restless, even petulant. They insist you modify your ways or there will be hell to pay down the road. You pay them little attention mainly because you’ve heard similar stories of doom and gloom and you got through those bad times, even stronger than before. Besides that your promotional ads have gone down fairly well with a substantial portion of your constituency. Even the creditors are encouraging you to borrow more. They warn you and all the others tuned into your theme, any change in spending pattern could spell disaster for you in the marketplace.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should  because it’s the United States and those wanting to continue expanding lines of credit all the while reassuring us this doesn’t add to the debt. They’re succeeding without constraint. The “manifest currency” story we are being sold through the public media and the dominant political machinery, insist raising the debt ceiling is an absolute necessity. One must sensibly ask, when should this spiraling credit line and unlimited indebtedness end? Indeed if the fictional character Gordon Gekko told us “greed is good”, we are being told “raising the debt ceiling” is better.

Barack Obama speaking

Barack Obama delivering a speech.

The lure of the Piper has become more refined. We are dazzled by the eloquence as we’re sold on such things as, universal health care for all, no one should be without health insurance, your premiums will go down, we need to pass this bill before we know what’s in it, the deficit is going down, and the economy is improving. Any opposition, even if it’s portrayed small and inconsequential, must be squashed at all levels. A full court media press involvement along with colleagues from the same political party must join in and denounce this upstart as out of touch, power-hungry, in it for themselves, extremist, etc.

Indeed what you hope to gain is to further discredit anyone that opposes you and an elevation of your political party status. Once that is done, you can move on to the next opportunity to create future chaos and call it good. As long as things hold together on you’re watch, you’re happy. Just kick the can down the road and hope nothing new comes along to further discredit your story.

If you read this and strongly disagree with this message, of the total disaster that awaits us unless we alter our fiscal course, you probably would have felt quite comfortable watching from the deck of a famous British ship navigating ice flows while the band played “God Save the Queen”.
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