Finding Ways to Succeed – Even While You Fail!

We’ve all heard the impressive success stories; the triumphs over substance abuse, rebounding from bad decisions, business or family relationships and individual achievement in any number of entrepreneurial endeavors.3 soaring divers

We have world-class athletes who after their prime go on the lecture circuit. We listen, read and watch fantastic achievements from entrepreneurs telling us how we can succeed in business. Some motivational speakers can really be just that, exciting to listen to or watch as they demonstrate the latest in whiz-bang, sure-fire, you can’t contain it, success from within! When they’re finished, you’re still on your own to make whatever you’re doing a success

No matter who the presenter or the story as original and authentic as it can be, the bottom line is, nothing succeeds like success. When you hear someone say, failure is not an option, my inner reality check says, oh yes it is!! Failure happens all the time and the problem is a triple whammy for those who have struck out.

First thing, failure brings your motivation level down, it’s difficult to feel upbeat about succeeding when everything you’ve done up to that point suggests otherwise.

Second, failure is like a repellent, people sense it and rather than take a chance on that which has been rejected by others for what ever reason, they too will pass. Try convincing someone to loan you money when things aren’t working the way you or others expected.

Third, just when you need the support the most from friends and family, they start to work against you, not necessarily in big ways but they often do it without thinking. Biting comments are likely to be made, however if you’re ultimately successful, rest assured they will come around looking for ways for you to help them.
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So what do you do when pretty much nothing is going your way? Oh yes, you can listen to another motivational CD, read a book, watch a TED presentation or pick a seminar to attend. After all the advice you receive there are just so many things you can try because any number of them may have actually worked for someone but honestly, they come from people who aren’t in your situation and may never have to go through what you’re experiencing. You of course don’t need shoulders to cry on or kicks in the pants but there are some things you have to choose and find out if they will work and maybe they aren’t the suggestions of those well-meaning friends or family or even from some wealthy entrepreneur.

So how do you find a way to succeed? Scott Adams recommends keep failing until you find success.

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