What Are You Thinking?

OK, you’re locked in a room with a couple hundred people and the room has a bomb in it set to go off in a few hours and none of your devices work to communicate with the outside world, what do you do?
A – Yell and blame each other
B – Pound on the doors and wait for help
C – Sit down & whine about your situation
D – Break the doors down and leave the problem for someone else
E – Disarm the bomb and then break the doors down

I’m not one that usually gets caught up in theatrics or hysterics, however there’s a need to be actively engaged in the current power struggle. This has been an ongoing struggle for opportunity, choice, rights and freedom. Sometimes it has been done in open declared battle, Civil War, World War II and Korea. At other times it’s been for the benefit of those manipulating people into believing it was for those choices.

We’re in the midst of a full fledge struggle to determine the direction our country will take and continue on for probably at least the next generation or two. I feel the loss for my children and especially my grandchildren as they do not know what it was like to live in a country with as much freedom to choose as we once had. Yes, there are many revisionists who wish to recount all of the things that were wrong with it, but seldom do they know what it was like proportional to the strife and disharmony we all share in today.

No where is this disunity and lack of clear direction more manifest than it is with our leadership in Washington. The 20th century witnessed many dictators and power struggles to resist them. Some of those dictators were stopped and for other parts of the world they just got more powerful. Our political leaders in Washington have been aggregating power over many years. It has come down to primarily two groups, Republicans & Democrats. These 2 organizations have pushed, pulled and struggled with each other claiming they have the vision and the inherent ability by virtue of party alignment to lead our nation. They have a lot of willing foot soldiers as well as powerful courtiers in support of their agenda. Each group will fight, scream and declare the other side are incompetent, foolish, moronic or sinners.

What we don’t have adequate representation, for a constituency called America. These party people push and posture for themselves and if possible lay the blame / responsibility for the problem(s) on the door step of each other. It’s almost like the time when we were kids. For Halloween there would be a small group which gathered feces from various yards and placed it in a brown paper bag. The bag was doused with lighter fluid and the bag was placed at the door step of the unsuspecting victim. Usually the most grumpy person in the neighborhood was selected, someone who yelled at you if you stepped on their precious grass. The doorbell rang and the package was set ablaze. Then because the fire was minimal (minimal lighter fluid) the person often would choose to stomp it out with their feet. That resulted in a stinky surprise for the victim and a few laughs for the group.

What we have here stinks, and it’s no laughing matter. The most serious problems we face as a nation are being overlooked while these two dysfunctional groups claim to be in charge. The problem is mathematically simple, we have fewer dollars coming in then we have going out, a lot fewer. Some people believe in magical solutions like, if we just tax more fairly we’ll have enough for health care, social security retirement, public welfare, education, military, arts, science, etc.  Nonono, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but there isn’t enough money for what we spend even if you take 100% of the money from the top 10% wealthiest in our country. We just burn through cash that fast. What we don’t have in revenue, we simply use fancy named instruments of investment, which are loans. The IOU’s are piling up fast and we have two groups locked in a stare down with each other.

playing chicken with peopleCooler heads must prevail in this situation if we are to ultimately come out of this together without severe repercussions down the road. The economics won’t support the “everything we want” program. Some things are going to have to be jettisoned while others will have to find less expensive solutions. These programs all have an emotional component attached and an argument can be made to keep all of them intact.  Someday, who knows exactly when, the wheels are going to come off the wagon and our arguments to save the arts programs, public TV, $600+ million health care web sites, super $2-3 billion NSA buildings with spy craft people in them, a huge military budget, bribe payments to other nations, etc. They all will starve because all of the loans and the interest will far exceed our capacity to repay them and the debts will come due.

“The Founding Fathers knew a government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. So we have come to a time for choosing.”
— Ronald Reagan  October 27, 1964

Why are there so many challenges to a restrictive view of the Constitution? The Constitution of the United States demands equality under the law. Corrupt politicians continually attempt to subvert the Constitution by providing perks and privileges to any class that appear willing to cede them political power. They will pander to that group so long as it allows them to achieve that end.

Also, look up the phrase Fabian Society.

I highly recommend you read this post from Thomas Sowell – Who Shut Down the Government?