Living in Orwellian Times

Obama applauding HCRA passage 2010

President Obama applauding HCRA passage 2010

I listened to the speech given by Barack Obama yesterday and would like to have believed everything he said was true, then again I also quit believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy quite a few years ago.
President Obama’s Oct. 8 news conference on the shutdown and debt limit.
Go here if you would like to listen or read it. Transcript of President speech.

In the course of his speech, he sounded reasonable. “In the same way, members of Congress, and the House Republicans in particular, don’t get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their jobs. And two of their very basic jobs are passing a budget and making sure that America’s paying its bills. They don’t also get to say, you know, unless you give me what the voters rejected in the last election, I’m going to cause a recession.”

You want to believe he’s telling the truth.  I found his words to be as believable as, “Hi – we’re with the IRS and we’re here to help you”. Here are some of the problems I have with what he said. It is not raising our debt. This does not add a dime to our debt. It simply says you pay for what Congress has already authorized . . .” That sort of logic works the same as increasing your belt size doesn’t make you fat. That may be true but it does indicate you’re getting fatter… Raising the debt ceiling is a consequence of spending more money than you have. It simply indicates, you’ve run out of money in the treasury and must borrow more than before. The fact is Republicans have repeatedly attempted to negotiate a spending compromise long before this manufactured crisis. Any time “the radical right” wants to curb our addiction to spending, their ideas always get rebuffed.

He went on to say, “the good news is, over the past 3 1/2 years, our businesses have created 7 1/2 million new jobs.” The bad news Mr. President, a very large portion of them have been part time and or temporary positions. Wages are down on average. In many cases wages have dropped below where they were before 1990. Most living expenses have dramatically increased since then. Over 90 million adult Americans are under or unemployed. There are now 46 million people living on food stamps. That doesn’t sound like a robust recovery to me.

“Since I took office, the deficit is coming down faster than any time in the last 50 years.” Here are the facts Mr. President. Due to the recession, the deficit as a percentage of GDP spiked in 2009 to a level not seen since the mid-1940s. So it has room to fall far more than usual.

When Obama took office in 2009, he inherited a projected deficit of $1.2 trillion. He added another $200 billion in deficit spending to that. As a percentage of GDP, the deficit in fiscal year 2009 came to 10.1 percent. That’s by far the highest percentage over the last 60 years. Only during the World War II years between 1942 to 1945 were the figures higher. During the Bush administration, the deficit was 3.2 percent in 2008, and it was 1.2 percent the year before that.

The deficit as a percentage of GDP fell 31 percent from fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2012. There have been two other four-year periods when the deficit fell at a faster rate — in fact, more than twice as fast:

The rate of deficit reduction was 64 percent from fiscal 1993 to fiscal 1996, when the deficit fell from 3.9 percent of GDP to 1.4 percent. Similarly, the rate dropped 66 percent from fiscal 2004 to fiscal 2007, when the deficit went from 3.5 percent of GDP to 1.2 percent.

It’s a significant reduction. Let’s face the facts, there was a lot to reduce. The deficit has been severely obese.

The President wants the House of Representatives to OK spending more money and just allow the HCRA (Obama Care) after he unilaterally modified it, to pass and then he will negotiate. He keeps referring to the idea of negotiations over spending like it’s an act of aggression or terrorism. This is his public strategy to persuade Republicans to go along with what he wants irrespective of the harm it does to the average citizen? So as I understand it, if the Republicans don’t give him everything he wants, they’re terrorists and unwilling to compromise.

I’ve witnessed first hand people who think similarly to the Democrat mantra of give us all we want or you’re not being reasonable. Fortunately as a parent most of us teach our children that’s not going to work. Unfortunately to a liberal the idea of compromise is, you give us what we want or you’re not being reasonable. The topsy turvy world of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos worked the same way. Under their leadership a billion spent here or there wasn’t that big of a deal. Imelda Marcos is often remembered for symbols of the extravagance of her husband’s political reign, including her collection of 2,700 pairs of shoes. There’s always a way to justify extravagance as needful.

So if the Democrat controlled Senate and Whitehouse haven’t made any attempts to work out a compromise before and during the current government shutdown, what makes you believe they will if they just sign everything the Democrats want now?

I guess their logic works for them just like erecting barricades around the open air war memorials but not building enough barriers to keep the illegal aliens out.

To me that’s just a continuation of political doublespeak or maybe the Republicans have learned from the play book of the former advisor to President Obama.
“You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” “And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
~ Rahm Emanuel

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