A Team of Ox & Morons Couldn’t Pull This Off Any Better!

The phenomena of success for some is claimed to be all part of their personal success strategy. Others claim it’s mostly luck with the right preparation mixed in. Whatever the ‘magic formula’ one thing is for sure, people with wealth don’t always have time to keep up with fashion or technology. Jerry Jones owns the $2.3 billion Dallas CowboysThere are of course many who are wildly successful in one or the other but it’s totally unnecessary to have to be concerned about things like, fashion, technology or the latest fads in entertainment. Case in point… This headline on Yahoo Sports — Jerry Jones Still Uses A Flip Phone

I know this comes as a bit of a shock to some people but maybe Jerry Jones uses the phone for it’s stated purpose, to communicate. He probably doesn’t have time to catch up on the latest tweets or Facebook friends or up his score with angry feathers. He probably only uses it to talk to people and carrying the smaller flip phone works just fine.  Maybe that’s why Jerry Jones is a billionaire and we’re not!

Government shutdown news: The government needs to shut down business or residents within Federal parks and land because they can’t afford to pay people to serve and protect in these areas. That’s why they send out Park rangers to shut down an Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Of course if you live on government land you have to vacate your property as well because they can’t protect you. If you’re 80 years old and use a walker it doesn’t matter, they’ll be sending Rangers around to make sure you vacate. So they can’t protect you, but they can evict you, that seems logical.  Senior citizens ordered to leave their homes due to government shutdown”. Over 800 square miles of the Florida Bay have also been shutdown by the Obama administration. This shutdown requires more federally paid workers to enforce this closure than on hand before the shutdown.

“Republicans planning extended temper tantrum over Supreme Court ruling” according to Joan McCarter of the Daily Kos.

I guess like most ‘progressives’ she doesn’t understand the concept our government was based on. It’s called a “separation of powers”.

open bookHamilton and Madison wrote the Federalist Papers which are the background of reasoning behind the Constitution. In Federalist Paper #62. James Madison explains the need for a balance of power so an individual, like a President, couldn’t just exercise his/her will to make law or move legislation forward.
It is a misfortune incident to republican government, though in a less degree than to other governments, that those who administer it may forget their obligations to their constituents, and prove unfaithful to their important trust. In this point of view, a senate, as a second branch of the legislative assembly, distinct from, and dividing the power with, a first, must be in all cases a salutary check on the government. It doubles the security to the people, by requiring the concurrence of two distinct bodies in schemes of usurpation or perfidy, where the ambition or corruption of one would otherwise be sufficient.

He went on further to explain the need for government leaders to work with integrity to their oath of office and in harmony with the happiness of the people. A good government implies two things: first, fidelity to the object of government, which is the happiness of the people; secondly, a knowledge of the means by which that object can be best attained.

The President independently changed the ‘mandate’ for the Affordable Care Act to allow big business an implementation delay for 1 year. The House of Representatives, who by the Constitution have the legal obligation and right to control spending and to modify and negotiate bills which become laws, asserted that right when President Obama illegally modified the ACA law to favor a specific group. The House of Representatives said, wait a moment, if you want to do that for one group then how about we sit down and iron out a fair and equal under the law treatment for all private individuals as well. President Obama says, oh no, we can’t be treating everyone equally, that’s just wrong.

This is where Madison hits the nail exactly on the head by informing us, favoring one group over another only benefits that singular group and not the nation. Furthermore he explains, those with money are then the beneficiaries of such egregious government behavior. Another effect of public instability is the unreasonable advantage it gives to the sagacious, the enterprising, and the moneyed few over the industrious and uniformed mass of the people. Every new regulation concerning commerce or revenue, or in any way affecting the value of the different species of property, presents a new harvest to those who watch the change, and can trace its consequences; a harvest, reared not by themselves, but by the toils and cares of the great body of their fellow-citizens. This is a state of things in which it may be said with some truth that laws are made for the few, not for the many.

Obama playing golf

Plenty of time for golf during the shutdown

Lewis Carrolls’ novel, Alice in Wonderland, a dialogue began;

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where . . .”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

There hasn’t been consistency in the Obama administration toward policy, consequences of the cobbled together policies and the lack of overall international direction. Madison once again, understood his own time as well as the future when he stated. An individual who is observed to be inconstant to his plans, or perhaps to carry on his affairs without any plan at all, is marked at once, by all prudent people, as a speedy victim to his own unsteadiness and folly. His more friendly neighbors may pity him, but all will decline to connect their fortunes with his; and not a few will seize the opportunity of making their fortunes out of his. One nation is to another what one individual is to another; with this melancholy distinction perhaps, that the former, with fewer of the benevolent emotions than the latter, are under fewer restraints also from taking undue advantage from the indiscretions of each other. Every nation, consequently, whose affairs betray a want of wisdom and stability, may calculate on every loss which can be sustained from the more systematic policy of their wiser neighbors.

The only behavior which seems immature here stems from the absolute intractability of President Obama and the leadership exhibited by Senator Harry Reid. For a President to suggest he can modify laws at will, which differed from that passed through Congress and reviewed b y the Supreme Court and then go on to say, he isn’t required to negotiate with those loser Republicans, indicates a narcissism and native of our foundational principles documented in the Constitution and explained through the Federalist papers.

The signatures of President Barack Obama, Vice...

Anyone who makes the claim the Health Care law is the law of the land and Congress needs to roll over, fails to recognize the alterations made by the Obama administration after the law was passed and judicially reviewed. In case individuals forgot civics 101, the Legislative branch makes law and the Executive branch administrates the law. Once a law is passed, the President doesn’t have the authority to choose which portion of the law he wants to enact or enforce.