What a Waste!

Ever get into an Internet discussion with the political Looni-gencia?

A single payer system, what is it?  That’s just a nice way of saying “socialized medicine.”  The single payer, of course, will be the government.  The government will control all payments for health care and prescription medication.  If they control the paymentObama Biden stroll together to a luncheons for whom and how much, then they control accessibility.  The government will tell you what medical care you can receive and who your provider will be.  You will be absolutely and completely dependent on the politicians for all aspects of your health care. Don’t think this broken wing health care law isn’t ratcheting us toward that end? Think again, because they will campaign on fixing it later, once people start to complain. This will give them the green light to move toward a single payer system.

The current push back by the Republicans in the House of Representatives are reminding us it’s their Constitutional mandate to control the finances of our government. They should also remind us how our country started with the ideas that all things aren’t controlled through an uncaring and all-knowing centralized government. If they’re unable to alter the course of how our money and health care is managed, we’ve all lost.

The president has no events on today’s official schedule. What a surprise!

learning to negotiate 101

Both parties learning to negotiate 101


  • Skim until Offended
  • Disqualify that Opinion
  • Attack, Attack, Attack
  • Disregard Inconvenient facts
  • Make Stuff Up
  • Resort to Moral Equivalence
  • Concern Trolling
  • When all else fails, Racism!
Miriam Carey dental hygienist

Miriam Carey dental hygienist – shot & killed in Washington after ramming car into barriers

Why aren’t questions being asked over the use of deadly force against this woman?
Yes, she ran barriers with her vehicle but she was unarmed and had a child in the car with her. Disabling the vehicle she drove erratically should have been enough to stop her. She was surrounded by armed police.

Someone please sensibly explain why it was necessary to use deadly force after viewing her hopeless predicament…  Now her child will be without her mother. We certainly appear to be doing a terrible job of assisting people with mental problems in this country.

We’ve had three recent violent news stories.
1 – The Naval yard shooting in Washington.
2 – Violent attack by swarm of bikers against an SUV driver and his family.
3 – This disturbed woman shot dead for running barriers in Washington.

Why do we ignore these problems on mental health? Is it because they don’t fit an agenda on firearms, race or violence?

Police surround car then shoot

Police surround car later shoot Miriam Carey after she had nowhere to run. She was unarmed.