Fear is a Great Motivator

China: giant hornet

Chinese news channel TV shows one of the hornets in Anhang, Shanxi province.

I didn’t know there were hornets the size of your thumb. What a creature!

There was an elementary school classmate of mine who lived a few blocks away from me. Lonnie was an unusual kid that often was hygiene challenged. Another latch key kid who probably possessed more issues than discovered for that era.

One day he took me to an open lot that still had holes where foundation posts had existed. One of these holes looked as though there was insect activity around it, although most of this activity was obscured through an old small rug. I asked nervously, what were his intentions. He gave me that stupid wide-eyed grin which I recognized as the international sign of, watch this! I had already started to put some distance between him and myself.

Shock - Horror - Fear!

A shocking discovery. Photo: Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

When Lonnie lifted that rug I looked back at two simultaneous events. The first was the look that I saw years later in an Indiana Jones movie. You know the one where the villainous Nazi’s look up in awe and fear as they watch vengeful spirits arise out of the Ark… The other was similar to a Looney Tunes cartoon where all the flying stinging insects momentarily gather in a cloud just before they simultaneously launch themselves at the intended victim.

Shortly after removing that rug, I believe Lonnie found religion as we both ran down the street chased by angry hornets you could hear him yelling, OW & OH GOD!! I was truly thankful that day for him not being as fast a runner as myself. I got away without as much as a single sting. As for Lonnie, well he managed to go home in worse condition than he was earlier that day.

Scottish wildcatMay be that’s what’s needed to get our leadership in Washington to stop the blame and fix the problem.

Unleash the hornets and the Scottish wildcats!