alien wizard head

Honest politicians – rare as Alien Wizards

If anyone is familiar with the Wizard of Oz, the dog Toto ran off to the side, pulled back on a curtain, and showed a normal-looking man was operating cranks and levers and speaking into a microphone. For a short while, the normal-looking man kept yanking levers and cranks, and continued speaking into the microphone saying, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! I AM The Great And Powerful Wizard…

I posted an entry earlier today about deception. It is a technique used by many people in leadership as well as those who want to continue supporting a specific cause or group. Allow me to place this in context for an event all over the news cycle today. It has to do with three main ideas.

1 – the government is close to a shutdown due to both political parties unwilling to negotiate over Health Care funding.

2 – the Republicans are at fault.

3 – the Democrats don’t want a shutdown but can’t negotiate in good faith with the radical right.

Let’s step back for a moment and imagine if you aren’t a member or supporter of either the Republican or Democrat Party. Imagine also, you’re more interested in facts and solutions than about assigning blame.

Good, now let’s try to dissect what’s going on.

1 – Leadership in each political party sees this brinkmanship is good for them to advance their political agenda. If they can come away from this situation looking innocent and the other group as bad people, they hope this will translate into more support, both financially and future elections. Therefore neither side is incentivized to come to an agreement.

2 – Each group knew there was a time limit before available funds reach their limit, due to government spending. We (federal government) continue to spend more than we take in therefore it’s inevitable we must borrow more. This means borrowing limits have to be increased before the deadline. The deadline will come again later this year but each side as stated in point #1 sees this as an opportunity to make a stand and have a showdown.

3 – The Healthcare Reform Act or as it’s often called, Obamacare, was primarily promoted to provide health care for all Americans through either private health insurance or through Health Care Exchanges in each state, augmented by payment subsidies from the Federal government.

Obama signing Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Prior to this time and even to this day, Americans could receive health care through, their employer, through medicare (government) as a senior, veterans association as a veteran meeting specific qualifications (government) or low income families through medicaid also administered by government. Even if you have had no assistance through some agency or employer, emergency medical is performed by most facilities when someone is unable to pay. All of this demonstrates we have had health care coverage for 99.5% of all people before hand, despite what the media and politicians claim.

The primary differences in the HCA bill and previous circumstances are as follows.

A – Everyone must participate in some way or face a penalty for not buying unless they are a Veteran or Senior. Low income people still get free medical as they could before.

B – Prior existing health conditions must still be covered by health insurance. No exemptions to coverage if you had a prior health problem.

C – Children living at home up to the age of 26 can be covered under their parents health insurance.

HCA was passed by Congress, signed into law and was further challenged and upheld at the Supreme Court. The law can’t legally be unfunded but must either be modified or rescinded by Congress. A compromise seems the best solution for now but this isn’t likely going to happen before midnight tonight.

I further suggest not becoming part of a Mass Consensual Deception furthered through most public media. Become informed, bypass political party rhetoric and make your thoughts known with your Congressional representatives.